lance raymundo portrays a brat kid in his new film- ‘dota o ako’…

lance: back to youth
lance: back to youth


Now that actor Lance Raymundo is taking a little break from his acting duties, it’s best to know and talk about the films he has made before the early quarter of the year 2015 started. He finished those films in due time and out to be shown theatrically soon.

One of those films is Dota o Ako, in which, Lance portrays a rich brat kid addicted to the game DOTA on the internet.

“It’s a very timely film”, Lance said to a blogger over lunch. “It has a universal theme to the youth. That’s why I was so eager to accept the role because I knew, it will teach something and kids will learn from my character.

“There are consequences when you play too much DOTA games”, Lance added. “And my character in the film will realize that. It will make them think that life is not all those internet games, that life has deeper tasks and commitments to people you love. Many youths must know that a lot of people and heroes have sacrificed their lives for the country. Just like the 44 PNP-SAF young heroes who all died protecting our land, young people must also contribute something and commit themselves to greater missions, rather than simply Dota games.”

Indeed, Lance is a good role model for the youth. His image as an actor is so clean and dignified- but full of meaning. He has inspired many by standing firm, positive and strong after his facial accident that happened last year. After a brief period of recovery, Catholic and private schools invited Lance in many inspirational speaking engagements and that made Lance a “great crusader”.

“Through my films, I want to show something and I want people, especially the young, to get something out of it”, Lance said again. “I may be getting rather off-beat roles these days because most of the characters I portray now onscreen are bad characters, but somehow, they will see the bad side of it and they will know it’s not really good to be like that. I am thankful that my film roles now imply a greater meaning.”

Lance also portrayed ‘bad boy’ roles in the films Gemini (out to be shown on major cinemas by the month of February or March), wherein he did some sex scenes with great naughtiness, and Maskara (showing in March), in which he characterizes the role of a playboy-Politician.

“It’s totally a far cry from who I am as a person”, Lance said in the end. “Basically, I am a good person, I must admit that. But I am also a free-wheeling guy. And that makes a lot of sense.”


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

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