lance raymundo duets with xixi maturan with the classic song “something stupid”…


lance: the handsome prince
lance: the handsome prince

Lance Raymundo is taking a little break from his acting career after a year of non-stop movie shootings, TV appearances and the likes. The past year of 2014, he really got busy with many acting jobs right after his facial accident, and he felt, after a heavy dose of portraying varied characters and delivering dramatic emotions as an actor, this early quarter of the year 2015, Lance is somewhat shifting to his first love- singing.

Hosting and modelling are also on the side. But for Lance, since singing is really is first love- he enjoys every single bit of it.

“Music is recharging to the energy”, Lance said. “For me, it’s not work at all. It’s something I enjoy. Somewhat a pleasure for me.”

That’s why these days, Lance is accepting various singing engagements. And one of his singing stints will happen on February 7, and it’s going to be a duet with no less than Xixi Maturan (actor-singer- and blogger of Aliwan Avenue blog site).

lance raymundo with ms. xixi maturan
lance raymundo with ms. xixi maturan

In a concert of Xixi entitled “Un-Valentine Me”. It will be held on February 7, 6 p.m. at M Cafe and Spa, RM Asuncion St. Silang, Cavite.

“I will be Xixi’s special guest on her concert”, Lance said to a blogger in a great coffee time at Starbucks just recently. “I will be singing four songs and a duet with Xixi. The song we picked-up to do duet with is the standard classic song Something Stupid. I feel honored that Xixi invited me to his concert. I am happy to support him.”

According to Xixi, via a private message at Facebook, it was Lance who personally chose the song Something Stupid for their duet number on her concert.

lance: back to singing
lance: back to singing

What can Lance say about the song Something Stupid? Is it a personal favorite of his?

“I just feel that me and Xixi can perform well with that song,” Lance answered. “I like the melody and the lyrics of the song. It applies t everybody who’s stupid when it comes to love.”

ms. xixi maturan: feeling beautiful to have a duet with "papa" lance raymundo
ms. xixi maturan: feeling beautiful to have a duet with “papa” lance raymundo

And Xixi is now already so excited for her duet number with Lance on her concert. He feels she must be very beautiful on the concert day because Lance will have a romantic song number with her.

Meanwhile, Lance has just finished two movies. The two films are: Maskara and Dota O Ako.

“That’s why I say again now, after I did those two films which were both tasking for me, I wanted a little break this time”, Lance said at the end of a tete-a-tete over lunch. “And venturing back into singing can be fun for me. I am thinking also of releasing my WolfSound CD album soon. Just watch for it.”


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


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