robin padilla as andres bonifacio
robin padilla as andres bonifacio
robin padilla: his film on andres bonifacio will have a longer life span
robin padilla: his film on andres bonifacio will have a longer life span


mr. george vail kabristante
mr. george vail kabristante

WRITTEN BY: MR. GEORGE VAIL KABRISTANTE (Grabbed from his FB status without any authorization)

Yes, dear “Jake T.” there is such thing as
inhabiting a character in the conundrum
of acting for films even if ‘fictionized’ yet to some lesser or greater degree (comes to
mind Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep, two of Hollywood’s greatest living method
actors ) and on that note gusto ko yatang i-bring out ito kay Robin Padilla in the spirit of healthy
exchange about the “random” for lack of better term kind of acting if any perpetrated
by some local directors who knew no better to which dear Robin Padilla has been an heir of sort to this kind of tutorship for decades wittingly or unwittingly.


That this kind of “random”
directorial tutorship at hand popularized by some directors whose familiarity
with acting theories and praxis are almost nil has almost no bearing and much wanting in substance and
cognitive foregrounding relative to the functional
theory and practice of the canon in
acting handed upon us by Stanislavsky’s
System down to the Method of Strasberg and Adler and its contemporary variant
(including that of Ivana Chubbuck which she conducted for Star Magic talents of
ABS-CBN) is a terrain that really
needs more exploration and immersion
among those in the business of acting with an open mind if they are to come to
par with the best of the actors in the cinematic world.


This even prompts me to
entertain the idea of workshopping ” batch” (ang tawagan namin ni
Robin ‘coz halos magkasunod lang kami ni Robin na pumasok sa showbiz) in that direction even if this is rather too
unsolicited, patronizing on my part ( hehe !) which I think he would not mind ‘
coz I know how genuine his intentions are in advocating for Andres Bonifacio’s
role in the Phil. Revolution and in opening the eyes of the Filipino youth and
the general run of Pinoys who have been more than deluded to iconize Emilio
Aguinaldo more than Bonifacio. In all though I fully agree with you too that
Robin Padilla’s latest oeuvre is a serious great & masterful film, if not
most truthful rendering of Bonifacio as the true hero of the Phil. Revolution.


As far as acting awards are concerned there are other award-giving bodies this year
which would probably have a different sense and yes taste in arbitrating what
good acting is from the less truthful, mediocre or ham kind. I honestly think though that Robin
Padilla has all the “front-running” ( to borrow Scott Feinberg’s term,
one of Hollywood’s top film critics/ reporters & award prognosticators for
the Oscars) capacity up on his sleeves as opposed to mere “possibility”
and/or “long shot” to get redeemed in other award-giving bodies this
year viewed now from my crystal magic leaking ball which I inherited from
Madame Auring. I must say my batting average is much higher than that of Madame
Auring, who is now in deep hiatus.


from sssip 🙂 “Ha-ha. And that, I do agree.”


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