“kanser, the musical”! soon on 2015!!!


For 35 years, the highly-praised stage play “Kanser” of Gantimpala Theater Foundation has educated the young on the values of a true Filipino spirit. It has been a part of every young students’ lives. And now, direk Jun Pablo, the Chairman of Gantimpala Theater Foundation, has thought of something more vibrant and appealing to give “a new life” to this classic play, once written by a mere young playwright, 35 years ago…

And that, to celebrate the 35 years of existence of “Kanser”, a play based on Dr. Jose Rizal’s immortal novel Noli Me Tangere, a new form will soon take place. With live music, songs, orchestra and dances.


Franniel Zamora was chosen to direct this play. And as of press time, a roast of Gantimpala theater actors and actresses were now competing each other to be among the cast of this magnificent new musical version of “Kanser”.

Yes, something is indeed brewing-up in 2015. Something strong like a mug of coffee. Something hot, something tantalizing…

SOON. On the year 2015!!!



(words by robert manuguid silverio)





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