aljon salonga and hessa isabelle gonzales of elites model management hosts “iskoolmate”, a new tv show on ptv-4…


It’s been a lucky year for Mr. Martin Martin and his models/talents at the Elites Model Management. This 2014, many projects came their way- and that included the special guesting of the Elites models at the recently-concluded anniversary concert of the Philippine Stagers Foundation at the Araneta Coliseum. And now, two of Elites models- Aljon Salonga and Hessa Isabelle Gonzales will soon have their own TV show at PTV-4- entitled “IsKoolMates”.

Yes, Aljon and Hessa will host “IsKoolMates”, another TV talk show from PTV-4 (aside from their top-rating “Personage” show), which tackles education, campus stories and the youth.

“Aljon, one of my best models and talents from Elites, is truly a good speaker, communicator and interviewee”, Mr. Martin said. “A blogger who interviewed Aljon one time was truly impressed with the way Aljon answered his questions. That’s why I am also confident that he could be a good host for a TV show. Aljon is very articulate.”

Joining Aljon on the show, aside from Hessa, is Jules Guiang, who’s the son of Mr. Martin’s classmate at San Beda College during the ’80’s.

Meanwhile, watchout for the forthcoming Elites fashion show at Farmer’s Plaza on this coming 2015, by the month of February. It’s going to be a grand fashion show which will feature all the best male and female models of Elites Model Management.

“And we’re also getting ready for our Boracay invasion very soon!!!”, Mr. Martin said with excitement at the end. “It’s going to be one grand vacation with bits of modelling tasks for us. Photographer Vino Oriarte and blogger Robert Silverio are both joining all of us on this trip! Our major sponsor for this trip is the Pearl of the Pacific Boracay. Mr. Albert Sanson, a distant relative of mine by affinity is the owner of the place. It’s such a great place located at the Station 1 of Boracay.”

With that, need we say more???


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

iskool2 iskool3 iskool4 iskool5 iskool6 aljon



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