a very personal note from sssip to the philippine stagers foundation…


“what God has put together, let no man put asunder.”
last night, I saw them again… all happy… celebrating life’s great season with many gifts, surprises, food, guests, games, embraces, smiles, songs and dances. It was the night of december 25th at psf studio. these young performing artists, led by mr. Vince Tanada once again mesmerized their guests with their kindness, generosity and love. it was their CHRISTMAS PARTY for the year 2014.
i have attended three consecutive xmas parties of philippine stagers (except the one last year) in the previous years and those were the times wherein you’d see them in their most candid selves, like Children of God, and that, after doing their heavy tasks all year-round with tears, sweat and blood, nothing more could scatter and break them, but only a unity and a great concern for each other. they are my third family. (getting next after my own family and my unseen family).
I would like to salute ms. Anna Tanada- Bautista for her great administrative and corporate ways to keep this small company of performing artists intact. aided by mr. Chris Lim and Jeffrey Ambrosio’s great marketing strategies and p.r. support to vince- this company, this theater group will exist FOREVER.
kudos to the winning team last night wherein a great concept of production number was performed and presented. it won a cash prize of 30,000 php. it’s about a young boy aided by unseen angels on drawing and creating the artistic side of life. marvelous!
MERRY CHRISTMAS, VINCE AND TO ALL THE STAGERS AND PEOPLE BEHIND PSF. Because what “God has put together, let no man put asunder.”
PSF and Vince Tanada is soaring higher for more in the year 2015!



(on the photos: the stagers of psf in their performances for “bonifacio: isang sarsuwela” and “filipinas: 1941”)

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