cinema one memories and impressions

cinema one

A handsome indie film actor came in inside the Trinoma Cinema One theater house with a male buddy actor. He was tall, slim and elegant and very Filipino-looking. He climbed the stairs up and passed the other rows wherein other showbiz personalities and theater enthusiasts were seated and excitedly waiting for the film “Volator” shown up. It seemed, the actor wanted a better row and a seat that could be near his heart. And he found it. It was the left side row of the venue, and below that seat, lower to him, was, the blogger’s seat.
The blogger saw him and heard his voice.
“Hi, Alex”, the blogger greeted the actor.
“Hi, tito Robert! Nice to see you here!”, the actor happily replied.


It could have been something else, but the mystery of life was out to be shown. And the lonely blogger preferred not to look back anymore. As he saw the film “Violator”, which was the best film he saw (and happily, it also won the Best Film at the recently-concluded 2014 Cinema One Originals awards night), he knew that reality was totally different from dreams and visions. He knew, too, that he was bound for something else and a dream was still waiting for him.
Just minutes ago, he was supposed to be seated in a different row, in the middle section of the cinema house. He chose that seat number “D-E”, but someone else took it. He was late in entering the theater venue because he bought some coffee and a donut. Upon seeing that someone took his seat, he saw another indie film actor (his crush, actually) seated beside that seat number. It could have been him seated beside that actor. And it’s okay even though the actor has got a female date beside him. The actor was RK, one of the stars of the film “Violator”.

In life, there could be many “misses” and many “fall-outs”, plus many mistakes, too. You tend to lose your poise and proper bearing when you saw people you love and adore, people who mattered, people who cared. And somehow, your love for the CINEMA was all that mattered, coz it entertained you and it was like the mirror of life and the water that quenched your soul.
The blogger was also there at the Gala Night of the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana”, but hid himself from the young actor named JM de Guzman. The blogger was already content seeing how the fans shrieked and shouted upon seeing him. That was all that mattered for the blogger. Like a mother who cared for her son, it was the feeling he felt. His good comeback at the Cinema already made the blogger happy after knowing that JM had already recovered from his drug problems.

Just a week ago, the blogger knew how JM managed to love him back. It was at the press conference of 2014 Cinema One originals held at the restaurant 9501 of ELJ Building in ABS-CBN compound. He asked JM the first question on that mid-day event. And JM stood-up facing him. The blogger’s voice cracked, nervously toned-up. He was at the verge of crying but heavily managed to control the bursting-out of tears because everyone was looking at him and JM. It was as if the world stood still at that moment.In a different dimension of life, JM was like a son, and facing a mother at that moment was the most beautiful picture of all.
At the Cinema One opening night, wherein the film “Esoterika: Maynila” was exhibited, the blogger saw lots of faces. This was one of the few events that a blogger truly enjoyed deep within his heart. He saw how people still supported the art of a TRUE CINEMA. Not the art of a commercial cinema. He saw sponsors, elite people, ordinary fans, veteran celebrities, media writers and friends- all gathered-up in one great event and celebration of a CINEMA. It was a moment of triumph. How the Cinema persevered and fought. How the young indie film artist were still trying to fight for it.

And Vince Tanada came on that night, too. It was perfect. The blogger felt so grateful that a man from the theater world managed to support the Cinema, too. And on that opening night of a festival, wherein Vince was also the star of “Esoterika: Maynila”, it seemed that a merging had happened. People from different worlds collided- all for the glory of a true Cinema. The film “Esoterika: Maynila” was shocking but beautiful.

The blogger greatly saw the efforts of a man behind this film festival- and his name: Ronald Arguelles, the Chairman of 2014 Cinema One Originals film fest. Ronald was there all along. In almost all the events leading to and connected to the festival. He looked so tired and weary at times, but his spirit of courage and faith kept on. In the end, he organized a festival that was all worthwhile and unforgettable.

The films that a blogger saw were all so good. All the ten competing films were executed and directed with great passion and intensity. “Esprit de Corps” made the blogger feel the beauty of gay love, and the magical scenes on the swimming pool and the forest were so everlasting in sight, executed by director Kanakan Balintagos with proper clarity. Sandino Martin, Lharby Policarpio and JC Santos were all so good! Especially Mr. Sandino Martin who used his eyes as his acting tool and felt his character’s sensitivity all throughout this film. Congrats, Sandino.
“Red” was truly fascinating. Though quite homophobic in nature, the film collided with dreams and violence and it was really hard to do that.
The other Asian films that a blogger saw were also magnificent. And also the restored version of the classic film “Hindi Nahahati Ang Langit”. It was all too great.


The dim indoors of the Trinoma mall complex looked so scary when you walked there all alone when it was about to close gates and doors after watching the last full show at the cinemas there. You just didn’t know where to exit, and where the doors where.
Sudenly, you were at a MAZE.
You felt so vague, so strange. It’s as if there was a void in your existence. It’s as if someone was gone.
You walked there ALL ALONE. Amidst the closed shops and restaurants… and you felt, you’re about to meet someone.
In the end, no matter how the journey was, the ONE will be TWO.




(as the words were written, in robert manuguid silverio’s “book of love”, dated: NOVEMBER 17, 2014).


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