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Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina

Bea Alonzo
John Lloyd Cruz
Maja Salvador
Derek Ramsey

Having been lovers since college, Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) are now ready to take the next step – get married and start a family. Everything seems perfect until Basha (Bea Alonzo) suddenly becomes uncertain of her feelings towards the domineering Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz). And so, Basha boldly ends her relationship with Popoy so that she may find her self and fulfill her own dreams–leaving Popoy severely devastated. After some time, Popoy and Basha cross paths again. This time, Basha is the one in for a surprise when she finds Popoy grow into a completely different man – a man who is happier, a man who is less controlling, and a man who is enjoying his newfound love in the arms of another woman. And although Basha has found what she has been looking for in life, secretly though, she still yearns for her beloved Popoy to love her again and give her a chance to continue the love she abruptly ended before. So after everything that has happened, will Basha and Popoy’s love be given one more chance?

Directed by Mike De Leon

Dina Bonnevie
Christopher De Leon
Edu Manzano
Lorna Tolentino

Young Noel Delgado (Marco Polo Garcia /Christopher De Leon) and Melody (Jennifer Sevilla /Lorna Tolentino) become step-siblings when prosperous building contractor Ariston Delgado (Nestor De Villa) marries Agnes Agriva (Gloria Romero), a prominent interior designer. Noel and Melody grow up belligerent from the start. Melody appears to be trying hard to get attention while Noel remains indifferent. Agnes dies and the lonely Ariston soon follows with a heart attack. Noel becomes the legal guardian of Melody who is annoyed with Noel’s strict and old fashion ways. The two should have parted ways when each got married but still their lives intertwine when Melody’s cost-cutting expertise gets her into the construction business as Noel’s business partner, stirring jealousy and suspicion in their respective spouses

Directed by Laurice Guillen

Vilma Santos
Richard Gomez
Kristine Garcia
William Lorenzo
Gloria Romero
Jeffrey Santos
Eula Valdez
Carmina Villaroel

Housemaid Florinda (Vilma Santos) is made pregnant by Hector (Richard Gomez), son of her patrician employer Doña Octavia (Gloria Romero). Florinda is maltreated and thrown out of the house after the scheming and denigrating Doña Octavia switches her new born infant with the still born child of Hector’s wife. Vilified, Florinda swears retribution; she raises herself from poverty when her dying new employer gives half of the inheritance with a request for Florinda to raise her orphaned son Oliver. Fate has it that Oliver (Jeffrey Santos) and Florinda’s estranged daughter Bernadette (Carmina Villaroel) become sweethearts. Florinda unknowingly sets her vengeance on her alienated daughter by foiling their wedding.

Directed by Peque Gallaga

Joel Torre
Liza Lorena
Cherie Gil
Sandy Andolong
Fides Cuyugan
Lorli Villanueva
Mitch Valdes
Manny Ojeda
Ronnie Lazaro
Abbo De La Cruz

Set in the milieu of an impending world war, the insouciant Filipino aristocracy is oblivious of the forthcoming danger. They scorn the Japanese capability against the formidable Americans. But panic grips everyone when the news of the fall of Corregidor comes, except the knowledgeable Don Claudio Ojeda who remains sensible. The Ojeda family evacuates to Hacienda Lorenzo, home to a landed family friend in Negros, where they feel safe to continue their nonchalance while playing mahjong. But soon the invading Japanese army arrives driving them into the mountains. Still, they try to hang on to their privileged life without realizing that all are equal in times of war. Meanwhile, Lorenzo’s often berated subservient and former field supervisor has turned bandit and, with his men, divests them of their valuables, food and chastity. Soon, they realize that war can bring out the animal instinct in man.

Directed by Rory Quintos

Vilma Santos
Claudine Barretto
Amy Austria
Baron Geisler
Cherry Pie Picache
Joel Torre

After six grueling years of working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, Josie (Vilma Santos) finally gets the much-awaited opportunity to come home to the Philippines and reunite with the family she left behind. But instead of coming home to a harmonious family, Josie is torn to pieces when she sees her family falling apart little by little. Carla (Claudine Barretto), her oldest daughter, despises Josie for abandoning them and blames Josie for her father’s death and her wasted life. Timid and shy Michael’s (Baron Geisler) studies are in jeopardy when he loses his scholarship. While Daday (Sheila Mae Alvero), Josie’s youngest, remains distant to Josie after her long absence. What will Josie have to do to repair the damage of being away from her children for so long and to put her family back together again?

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