ms. np picadizo writes: “that sweet cherry on top of everything else” (or, winning as best indie film producer for short film category at international film festival in manhattan, new york)…


np picadizo with the lead stars of "astray": althea vega (left) and ms. angel aquino (right)
np picadizo with the lead stars of “astray”: althea vega (left) and ms. angel aquino (right)
np: first big step, great achievement
np: first big step, great achievement


 “”A PERSONAL WRITE-UP OF Ms. NP Picadizo “”

That sweet cherry on top of everything else…

Last month, a big ‘door’ was closed at me and that hurt a lot… after a couple of days, I received an awesome news from the wonderful people of the International Film Festival Manhattan NYC (IFFM) that “Astray” got in at their festival. Talk about how God knows how to balance things in our life.

I am at heart a Film Director, but by necessity I also became a Producer because I realized early on that it will be a rare situation that someone will give you money to direct one’s films. I busted my ass and I worked so hard to put ASTRAY together so receiving this “Best Indie Producer Award” (short category) feels sweet and hard-earned. If you had been following my ASTRAY diaries two years ago and all those struggles that the film went through (which are all tip of the icebergs FB posts) you would somehow know how meaningful this “great gift” from Heaven feels like.

Being thrown at this other war called ‘marketing/promotion & distribution’ with a measly battle-ready armor is another hard climb… for a while it felt like a lone-warrior fighting the good fight… running on empty, I was sick and exhausted while working on the festival requirements and grass-root promotions of ASTRAY.

So with this recognition for ASTRAY, I have a lot to be grateful for…

Thank you sooo much to all the wonderful people of IFFM for this awesome award! I truly feel grateful for this recognition. A special THANK YOU to Gerry Balasta and Luis Pedron of IFFM! Thank you guys! And an even BIGGER THANK YOU for showcasing our film at your amazing festival!

And Thanks dear Luis for taking a photo of this award

But this will never happen at all if not for all those friends/people who gave help & support in their own small or big ways to help me make things happen, especially to those who gave funding support and in-kind resources. You guys are the one who gave me ‘bricks’ so that I can truly start building ASTRAY… I will write to each and every one of you, soon… Thank you DEEPLY to all of you!

Of course, to all the Cast and Crew of ASTRAY, this is for us! You are the backbone of our film. ASTRAY was built on our efforts and contributions to create something together. You know who you are, THANK YOU!

A BIG THANK YOU to my “Happy Astray Screenwriters” group & longtime collaborators/colleagues, all of you are a huge part of this!

A shout-out of thank you to everyone who has helped us in our grass-root promotions for ASTRAY! To everyone who has shared/liked our ASTRAY FB post and esp. to our friends from the media and bloggers who had greatly help us to put the word out there.

And yes you can still help us by liking/joining ASTRAY’s fb page so we can further build the audience of our film:
THANK YOU for joining!

Aside from my family, there are 3 other important people who were an essential part of the journey in the making of ASTRAY… I hope you guys know who you are…. My deepest gratitude goes to you.

Although I made this film out of those life lessons that I learned and themes that I wanted to talk about, this film was also made for “Mocha Amore”… it’s a postcard for YOU…

After the many challenges that ASTRAY went through, finishing this film was the true award. It’s the cake itself. Having Angel Aquino & Althea Vega for this film were the other prize-treat; trophies on its own. They are like those two figurines that beautifully stand on top of a multi-tiered cake. Having a festival screening is like that much needed icing on the cake to present one’s film elegantly in a great stage like IFFM. This award is that sweet cherry on top of everything else…its worth might be small in comparison to the whole cake… but it made the struggles feel sweeter and worth it.

To anyone who is reading this up until this part, THANK YOU for reading this long post… I just want to say my Gratitude to where it’s due.

Above all things, I want to honor God in this recognition because He is the one who is always beside me in the ups and downs voyages of my life… and for me, He is my constant collaborator as a Filmmaker. Thank you God for this! I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU! Let’s focus on the next one…

(np picadizo, taken from her fb status)



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