carizza cortez: “my dad, rez cortez, has the makings of being a good leader someday!”

carizza: fab
carizza: fab

It was the first time that a blogger ever felt the presence of ARTS in his life. It was way back a few years ago when he fully realized it. And, actress Carizza ‘Cai’ Cortez saw it in her very own eyes.

“I did see it in your eyes, Kuya Robert, I fully saw it. How your eyes reacted, how it went big and mesmerizing while you watched the play Ondoy of ours in Virgin Labfest at the Cultural Center of the Philippines a few years back”, Carizza first said to a blogger. “I saw in your eyes that you discovered something. That’s an expression of how much you loved watching our play. And I witnessed it.”

the cortez family
the cortez family

And Carizza was right. After watching the play Ondoy, a blogger fully embraced the ARTS. He’s now fighting for it, trying to imply something to the youth that the ARTS is one integral factor of everyone’s existence. And he owed Ms. Carizza Cortez’ mom- sis Candy Cortez for introducing a blogger to a different world and dimension because her invitation of watching her daughter’s play served as the “catalyst”. Next to sis Candy are the people of Cultural Center of the Philippines.

“Thank you for not forgetting, Kuya Robert”, Carizza continued saying. “I knew it. I knew you loved the arts. And it was the same thing for me.”

carizza with her bf
carizza with her bf

That’s why when her last teleserye (TV series) on channel 7- entitled My Destiny, ended, well, Carizza could only recall now how she loved working for the TV series.

“I felt so grateful to be a part of that show”, Carizza continued saying. “It ended only two weeks ago, but I am still feeling now the hangover. It was because the attack of our director in that series was theater-based. Kaya ang sarap! We were treated like theater actors who could explore something withing our characters on that series. We all got experimental and freedom-loving, our creativities as actors and actresses were fully tested. Thanks to director Joyce Bernal for bringing me back there. You know naman, Kuya Robert, how I loved the theater, di ba? Theater, oh, gosh. That’s what I loved to do for the rest of my life. But ironically, Kuya Robert, my last theater performance was Ondoy and Shock Value at University of the Philippines. How I loved to do theater again!”

sexy carizza
sexy carizza

On October 30, Carizza has a new mainstream film showing. It’s entitled Beauty in A Bottle. 

“I star in this film opposite Angelica Panganiban, Mylene Dizon and Assunta de Rossi. It’s a great film! Hope you all watch it!”, she said.

Then this coming December, slated as one of metro Manila Film festival’s film entry, Carizza was also included as among the cast of English Only Please?, a film that stars Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay on the lead.

“My role there is the typical best friend role. Haha!”, Carizza said again. “But I loved it! Playing the typical best friend role is also one big challenge for me.”

Watching Carizza Cortez act on stage and films was such a delight for everyone, more than that, when she got serious in drama, you could feel the “intense”. She surely inherited her dad’s (Rez Cortez) great acting skills.

“I’m so thankful to be her daughter, I am so proud of my father”, she quipped. “They say to me, don’t I get tired of being branded as Rez Cortez’ daughter? And I answer them, no, never! My dad is incomparable.”

Last question for Carizza, does she truly BELIEVE that her dad has the makings of a good political leader someday?

“Yes, I know”, Carizza said at last. “I do believe, my dad, Rez Cortez, has the makings of a good leader someday! Eversince I was young, I already saw it. And truly support him for whatever dreams he has. because he’s my dad, and I love him.”

Very well said, Carizza.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

carizza: theater-based actress that went mainstream
carizza: theater-based actress that went mainstream
carizza and the "man" in her life
carizza and the “man” in her life
carizza: "foursome"
carizza: “foursome”

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