ptv-4’s “personage” team covers the latest performance of “filipinas: 1941” at tanghalang pasigueno!


vince tanada in a photo shot by: MS. TRIXIE DAUZ
vince tanada in a photo shot by: MS. TRIXIE DAUZ

It was really a fun-filled day as students of Pasig City Science High School watched and truly enjoyed the latest performance of the play “Filipinas: 1941” at the Tanghalang Pasigueno yesterday, October 4 (Saturday).

A load full of laughs, shrieks, hand claps and total pleasure were heard, seen and felt. And what more, it was being witnessed by the staff and crew of PTV-4 (Channel 4)’s “Personage”, a weekly TV talk-show- as they covered the event and shoot some scenes in the said critically-acclaimed play- for inserts on their upcoming episode on October 9 (Thursday).

Vince Tanada guests on the October 9 episode of the show, with a solo interview by the show’s host Ms. Carla Lizardo. Two other Stagers- Patrick Libao and JV Cruz were also interviewed by Ms. Lizardo, as all of them talked about the arts of theater industry, their good causes and advocacy to further enhance and promote to the youth the value of THEATER.

Mr. Frederick Aquino, the associate producer of Personage, together with the show’s director, Mr. Peter Sicat and researcher Yen Quiling, also managed to watch the play in its entirety as they shot some scenes of the play, along with some backstage glimpses of Vince and the Stagers before they performed that afternoon to a great bunch of students, parents, guests and other  important people.

Obviously, the PTV-4 staff truly enjoyed the play. They laughed so hard with Vince’s comic antics during the lighter scenes of the heavily-intense play. And at the same time, greatly appreciated the message and importance of the play to the youth.

“We all worked so hard on this play, and I am happy to say that our performances will extend until the month of March next year”, Vince said to a blogger. “I am very thankful that despite some restrictions, a lot of people are still supporting us. Maybe, God is on my side. Not just God, but the angels, too. They really work in mysterious ways for me because lately, I admit, Robert, I really felt so much pressure. But we all managed to get through. More surprises are coming-in for us, good surprises to everyone. And that’s more than enough to make us stronger and more competitive.”

A separate blog feature on Vince and the Stagers’ upcoming concert on November 24 at the Araneta Coliseum and their “4-C” (Four Contemporary Plays) plays coming-up very soon will come next.

Watch out!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

ms. trixie dauz
ms. trixie dauz






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