paul aquino: “another look”

paul: worthy for "another look"
paul: worthy for “another look”

Sometimes, when a soul gets tired, he’s wanting and needing for a little CARESS. And a little thought, maybe. Just like words of comfort and concern… Acts of gratitude and kindness.

Paul might not know it. But he did it to someone. And that’s all “one” desired, to feel REASSURED.

It was “another look” at Paul Aquino. A model (of Elites Model Management and managed by Mr. Martin Martin). An athlete. An aspiring actor. In between smiles and awes, Paul answered some questions from an interviewing blogger with ease and comfort.

“I wanted a new look, another look, this time”, he said at the start of the interview with great movements and mannerisms of a real MAN. “I have to change my image. That’s why I decided to grow my beard. I wanted a more manly appeal this time. ‘Yun bang matapang ang dating, ganu’n. I’ve realized now, I’ve grown-up a lot. I’m now an adult man.”

With his few years of experiences as a ramp model, Paul had acquired a great advantage.

“I’ve gained more confidence”, he said. “I noticed lately, I walked a lot more better on the ramps. And as an athlete, my performance lately in basketball was great. Everything’s in the right track. I guess, it’s part of my journey from boyhood to manhood. You gain more confidence as years pass by.”

Paul had just finished shooting his very first film under Star Cinema. He’s now on his way into becoming a full-pledged actor.

“The title of my first film is Modus“, Paul revealed. “I played a spoiled brat, rich kid character there as Raffy Zulueta, who’s the next target of a serial killer. I had scenes there with mainstream actors Rayver Cruz and Empress Schuck. I am a son of a Senator there who’s quite wild and do drugs. It was a challenging experience for me portraying a character who is exactly NOT ME in real life. And it was fun, too.”

But right now, Paul is more focused in his studies. That’s why lately, he’s not going into many “go-sees” of fashion events and shoots, it’s because he’s giving priority now into his education.

“I am now graduating next year and I don’t want anything to hamper it”, Paul said. “I feel naman, more opportunities will still come even after I finish my studies. I am still young, anyway. There still are a lot of rooms for me.”

And we’ll definitely wait for that.


ELITE PAUL AQUINO ON EDMIR LAGUI COLLECTION (paul’s outdoor shots in brown pants)
and ELITE PAUL AQUINO ON EDWIN UY OLLECTION (paul’s indoor shots in his blue polo shirt)


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

fb_blue_paul2 fb_blue_paul3


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