a new action-suspense movie for lance raymundo

lance: busy as a bee
lance: busy as a bee


Lance Raymundo is going to be very busy these coming days. He’ll soon be starting shooting a new indie film entitled Vengeance Is Mine.

“It’s an action-suspense film”, Lance told the good news to a blogger-friend. “I can’t tell much about the film, though. But all I can say is, I play the male lead and the good guy in this film. It’s going to be directed by Nards Belen, the husband of Manila Bulletin’s Ms. Crispina Belen. And the film is produced by Dennis Atienza.”

lance: surprising turns in his career
lance: surprising turns in his career
lance with his new director nards belen (4th from left), his young leading lady (first from left) and producers of his new film
lance with his new director nards belen (4th from left), his young leading lady (first from left) and producers of his new film

Is Lance ready now for some action scenes, since the movie he’s about to shoot is an action-suspense one? Is everything’s well now with his present facial reconstruction after that accident he had early this year?

“Yeah, definitely yes”, came Lance’s quick answer. “Kahit matamaan ng suntok o sampal ang face ko, everything’s input na. So it’s okay. I accepted the role because it was good and challenging. And I also miss doing action scenes.”

And aside from this film, another separate film is also coming-out.

“That one, I’ll gonna shoot on the month of October”, Lance continued saying. “It’s a new movie about anti-corruption on Politics. I will star there, opposite with veteran actor Pen Medina. It has no working title yet as of now.”

Indeed, busy. And Lance just rejected one film entry at Cinema One Digital Fest because it would require him to do three torrid love scenes with a fellow man.

“I have no qualms doing love scenes onscreen”, Lance explained. “But doing it with a fellow man like me, I’m not really into it. Me and my manager, Shandii Bacolod had discussed it in the past, no man-to-man sex on films for me. I could agree if the love thing’s implied lang, but to do an act of sex, I am sorry.”

On September 24, Lance will join his fellow La Sallistas for a worthwhile cause entitled: Operation Big Brother

“I was the chosen La Sallista in the field of Entertainment”, Lance said again. “Other La Sallistas in the field of Sports, Politics, Arts will also be there. We will be inspiring the new and younger students of La Salle Greenhills to be more successful and fruitful in their lives. That’s why it’s called Operation: Big Brother.”


Just recently, Lance bonded with the RVM nuns to further strengthen his Catholic religious faith. Lance has a new mission now of inspiring and helping others after that ill-fated facial accident.

“God works in mysterious ways”, Lance ended saying to a blogger. “He would change your life in  a blink of an eye, but certainly, He’ll do that for the better.”

Very well said, Lance.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

handsome lance
handsome lance




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