the evangeline pascual and mother ricky reyes “combination”: perfect!


“RUSH, rush day.. no plans at all … Nagkita lang kami accidentally sa parlor ni Mother Ricky Reyes. I went there for hair color …There MADER was .. The rest is history…Notice that I don’t have shoes?  LOL!… I was in slippers and socks lang, LOL! .. Mader was scheduled to go to Quiapo that 10 A.M. in the morning we saw each other.. Then, we parted at 5 p.m. … Oh, how we missed each other…that was our bottomline.” — (Ms. Evangeline Pascual’s Facebook comment)

And the result? PERFECT. 

Ms. Evangeline Pascual, beauty queen-actress-advocate, is now the model for Ricky Reyes’ Hair Volumizer treatment! 

We really do admires veteran actresses being the image models of beauty products. Because the word “beautiful” really applies for them. And they’re perfect examples that beauty defies age.

indeed, it’s a great combination. A beauty queen and a beauty artist- Ms. Evangeline Pascual and Mother Ricky Reyes. Go for it!

And cherish the pictures below, courtesy of Ms. Evangeline Pascual’s FB Page:

evangeline pascual and ricky reyes
evangeline pascual and ricky reyes

evangeline2 evangeline3 evangeline4 evangeline5 evangeline6 evangeline7 evangeline8 evangeline9 evangeline10 evangeline11 evangeline12 evangeline13 evangeline14


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