“k’na: the dreamweaver”, goes beyond the heart without reaching its true intent (A FILM REVIEW)


k'na, the dreamweaver: a truly disappointing film?
k’na, the dreamweaver: a truly disappointing film?

It was a dark dream, but it was the most beautiful dream of all.

And in that dream, the young girl saw a T’boli design art form. It was given to her by the man who loved her truly until the end.


And, it was a dark design. Electrifying, just like thunder.


In life, some loves had to sacrifice to free a people from the bondage of hate and fury. In the film K’na: The Dreamweaver, lovers got lost and the redemption of a tribe succeeded.

It’s a symbolism that a cultural tribe was about to go extinct, due to the very shameful weakness and decision of its tribal leader, so awkwardly portrayed in the film by actor Noni Buencamino (he looked so stupid in many cowardly scenes) who chose to make amends with a rival T’boli clan, rather than stood up with his own people’s dignity and pride.

But the film K’na: The Dreamweaver went beyond the heart. A soul lingered on in dreams and different versions of loss and pains- the soul of a young man who fell deeply in love with K’na, the girl “dream weaver”.

A blogger was shocked with what kind of a message that this film invoked. If this film was simply a beautiful dream and not an advocacy film as the young female director of the film (in person of Ms. Ida Anita del Mundo) stressed-upon, then we chose to be immediately got awakened-up.

Because it might be a beautiful dream, after all.  But, it was not a fairy-tale. It was a wrong story-plot for a film.

To save a cultural tribe, love had to win. Because love was the key factor and it’s the one that could unite a family, a group, much more, a TRIBE.

With all those threads of colorful bamboo textiles hanging upon a tree, done with great faith and act of love, surely, a girl could be moved by it and redeem what was lost. But she chose to stay with the man she married from a rival clan and ended-up with two siblings, an act that was wrongfully conceived by her and her “good-for-nothing”  father-leader, just to unite the two warring tribal clans.

How foolish. And even the director of the film executed the scenes in a great manner of disarray. A blogger simply wondered why this film won the Special Jury prize at the recently-concluded Cinemalaya X Independent Film Festival.

And no wonder, too, why. Why did the great subtlety and style of Ms. Mara Lopez’ (who portrayed K’na) acting skills in the film weren’t put much into justice via this film? It’s because there was no challenge in her role here. Her character was so WEAK. Yes, WEAK, as in capital letters.

Even the handsome actor in person of RK Bagatsing (the young man who loved K’na in the film) looked so cowardly and unmanly at the end of the film. He was gone at the end. And how could that be!?!

The only redeeming factor in the film was Alex Vincent Medina’s brave character in stopping a war scene. But his acts were not, at all, needed.

Despite its glossy cinematography and authenticity, the film suffered.

And let’s just conclude by now, the film went beyond the heart because of the fact that it never reached its true intent.

Thank you. And we just advise the director-storyteller of this film to better fix her shoe next time?


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

the right lovers in a terribly wrong film!
the right lovers in a terribly wrong film!
mara lopez: great acting subtlety style put into waste
mara lopez: great acting subtlety style put into waste


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