gantimpala theater foundation presents “sandosenang sapatos” and “kanser”…


Gantimpala Theater Foundation’s Florante at Laura made the final curtain call for this year’s shows only a week ago. And last week, too, GTF (Gantimpala Theater Foundation) officially launched Sandosenang Sapatos with a series of shows in Pampanga province. Coming soon next week at AFP Theater is their much-awaited play Kanser (Noli Me Tangere), with Franie Zamora, Gean Allain de Leon and Andre Tiangco directing.

“I am so happy with the outcome of Florante at Laura, our first play for this theater season, that’s why I am confident that Sandosenang Sapatos and Kanser will duplicate that success, maybe even more”, direk Jun Pablo, Chairman of GTF said. “Many established theater actors are now again visible and joining us, supporting us a great deal. And I’m so happy for that. They’re all products of GTF acting workshops even before they all started.”

Below are the photos of GTF’s Sandosenang Sapatos and Kanser: (Photos courtesy of direk Jun Pablo ang GTF facebook Page)

bodjie pascua as the father in "sandosenang sapatos
bodjie pascua as the father in “sandosenang sapatos







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