don gordon bell photographs the cast and the shoot of an indie film- “of sinners and saints”…

ruben maria soriquez, chanel latorre and sssip
ruben maria soriquez, chanel latorre and sssip
ruben maria soriquez
ruben maria soriquez


“Of Sinners and Saints” is a movie that focuses on the plight of battered women, child abuse and violence, and conflicts that arises with Catholic religion. It’s plot is so delicate to discuss, and this blogger opted not to reveal the synopsis of the movie, because it still has a long way to go for the post-production stages and may cause bad results for doing an early promotional revelations.

90% of the film was shot in Payatas, Q.C. And its director- Mr. Ruben Ma. Soriquez is half-Italian, half-Filipino. Aside from this film, he will soon do a Hollywood film project, eyeing James Franco (a Hollywood actor) in the main lead.

The cast of “Of Sinners and Saints” includes Ruben Ma. Soriquez himself, Ms. Chanel Latorre, Raymond Bagatsing, Polo Ravales, Althea Vega, Richard Quan, Sue Prado, Alvin Fortuna and Don Gordon Bell (in a cameo role, aside from being the film’s Unit Stillman and official photographer). Mr. Monch Bravante acts as the film’s line producer and Alejandro ‘Bong” Ramos is the ssistant director.

A blogger had seen Mr. Soriquez’ very meticulous style of directing. He wanted every scene in its perfect outcome, and that impressed a blogger a lot. Mr. Soriquez also recently attended the awards night of Cinemalaya X Independent Film Festival and he was really curious of joining this film festival soon.

Just and enjoy and cherish Don Gordon Bell’s pictures below. Have a grab!


robert silverio
robert silverio

(words by robert manuguid silverio)

mr. don gordon bell
mr. don gordon bell



saint saint10 saint11 saint12 saint13 saint15 saint16 saint17 saint18 saint2 saint20 saint21 saint22 saint23 saint24 saint25 saint26 saint27


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