FOCUS: ms. np picadizo, joins the new breed of film makers

np picadizo: a film maker with a personal touch
np picadizo: a film maker with a personal touch

“To tell your felings and share it to the world, that served as a catalyst for me to start doing short films”, Miss NP Picadizo, one of the new and aspiring film makers out to join the band of the NEW BREED, told a blogger at the start of a mini-interview. “I love to do films which are semi-autobiographical. It’s more like telling them, on a personal way, things that had happened in my life before.”

Smartly-dressed and confident, NP, at first glance, really looked like a real film artist. With the way she moved, spoke and share thoughts.Her aura is exuberant, free-wheeling and unassuming. And that impressed a blogger a lot.

“My films showcases things that can somehow be too late”, she continued on saying. “Like death, you’ll never know when it’s gonna happen. So you’d better say now what you wanna say to your loved ones, don’t wait to say those feelings until they’re gone or you’ll gonna regret things. If you love someone, better express it. Whether you’ll gonna be rejected or not, at least, you’ve tried.”

NP is a writer, director and a producer- all at the same time. She had done two short films, MTV’s, AVP’s and travel shows. And now, she really felt that she’s already very much ready to join the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival next year.

“Definitely, I am joining soon”, she quipped. “I should have joined ever since, but my freelancing works hastened me. It’s so hard to juggle work and personal journeys.”

Her second short film, entitled Astray, was finished even before the Cinemalaya X started. But she was pressured by time and decided to further do some finishing touches. She also produced another short film (though she’s not the one who directed it) entitled Hindi Pa Ako Tulog, Jose Alberto, which starred veteran film actor Don Gordon Bell as the main lead.

“We all admired Mr. Don Gordon Bell for being so professional while we shot the film”, NP said. “She played a character of a woman all throughout the film and he’s simply great.”

One last question to NP made her think much. We asked her, how would she define herself as a film maker?

“I can say that I am one of those who belongs to those who really loves doing films”, NP answered at last. “I wanna focus myself on doing films that shows the triumph of a human spirit. And I would love to do always drama films, with bits of comedy.”

One more coming-up. Her name: NP PICADIZO.

And the art of cinematic excellence would never be the same again.



“ASTRAY” is an unrequited love story between a free-spirited woman (Angel Aquino) who openly expresses her affection to a younger shy woman (Althea Vega) who in turn struggles with her own feelings. Set in the sprawling backdrop of the picturesque Pinto Art Museum, these star-crossed lovers reunite in a spiritual reality where underneath the unspoken words that wants to be heard, is the intense love from the depths of The Universe to weave its transcendent powers to heal Lost Souls.

Cast: Angel Aquino and Althea Vega

With the special participation of Elvert Bañares

Directed, Produced and Written by: Nerissa Picadizo

np directs angel aquino and althea vega in "astray"
np directs angel aquino and althea vega in “astray”
don gordon bell (holding a camera) with althea vega in "astray" film shoot
don gordon bell (holding a camera) with althea vega in “astray” film shoot
the cast of "astray" and with the director
the cast of “astray” and with the director

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