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Happy new year 2013

I will never forget one scene in a Hollywood film I saw many years back (I guess, that was 1993). It was in the movie “Alive”, which starred one of my favorite Hollywood actors Ethan Hawke. In that scene, Ethan, together with a co-actor, climbed-up a great number of mountains in the Andes, in search of LIFE AND RESCUE. They had a plane crash in the middle of a great snow. Together with other young rugby players who all had to endure the great hardships of surviving the snow and the vast mountains, the movie was actually based on actual events.

And there was Ethan, with his FAITH stronger than the mountains, as he said this words- “We must keep on walking…At the other side of these mountains, there will be life. If we fail, at least we’ve tried, at least we did keep on walking…”

Those were the words…

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