thank you, for giving my life back to me…. mr. rainbow!

the first time he “healed” me.



in those nights… for seven long weeks…

i longed to be healed.

alone, confused, in pain…

someone told me- “it could be cancer already. it’s not healing for quite sometime now”.

and i got nervous.

it couldn’t be… it shouldn’t be…

and thanks God, on the seventh week, i was assured

MY FOOT SPRAIN was healed…

thank you, mr. rainbow.

i knew you were there- when you showed the rainbow again to me on the SECOND TIME.

i knew.


you were reassuring me of something.

you were telling me of something….

thank you, mr. rainbow.

i saw you in my dreams…

as a little boy looking for something under my bed…

when i woke up,

i saw my heavy leather sandals.

and i suddenly knew.


it’s been the one that’s causing more stress on my foot sprain…

it was the culprit.

now, i really do believe in rainbows.

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