jayson bulanhagui: the STAGER that’s got it all!

jayson: young soul, passionate artist
jayson: young soul, passionate artist


Jayson Bulanhagui is so happy to be one of the STAGERS. He joined Philippine Stagers Foundation only last year, but he felt he had already lived a ‘full” life because of the many wonderful things that happened to him since he became a Stager.

“It’s fun, sobrang saya talaga!”, Jayson told a blogger. “I am so happy I became a part of them, I mean, being one of the theater actors of Philippine Stagers Foundation. Everything was a learning experience for me. And everytime we’re all together- especially with direk Vince Tanada, wow, it’s so HAPPY!”

jayson: in shades, by the falls.. wanna take a plunge with him???
jayson: in shades, by the falls.. wanna take a plunge with him???

And also because of PSF (Phil. Stagers Foundation), Jayson learned how to handle his time, be a disciplined person, and tackle his roles in every play they do with responsibility and tactfulness.

“Before, I admit, I was just a free-wheeling guy”, Jayson added again. “But when I joined the Philippine Stagers Foundation and became one of the Stagers, I became so passionate with my artistry as an actor. Thanks to the training given to me by Vince Tanada, our director- and also to the more senior members of PSF.”

Last year, Jayson did two plays at PSF. One was Bonifacio: isang Sarsuwela, and the other, Pedro Calungsod: The Muzzziiikkkkaaalll.

“In the Bonifacio play, I tackled the role of an old General who’s at side with Bonifacio during his turbulent times at Cavite, before he died”, Jayson continued saying. “I felt so fulfilled portraying that role General Marciano Alvarez. And every time I got applause from the audience and good feedback from people, it made me feel so good.”

What can he say about the PSF ‘main’ man, Vince Tanada?

Sobrang perfectionist siya“, Jayson answered at once. “He can touch people’s lives as a person. And for me, sobrang galing niya talaga.”

And now that Jayson could be considered a full-pledged theater actor, what’s the happiest thing about it?

jayson: wet and innocent
jayson: wet and innocent

“To be able to open-up about what I feel”, he answered at the last question. “To express it totally without any qualms and any resentments. It’s such a happy feeling totally. To show to them my kind of art, my kind of acting.”

Very well said, Jayson.

And keep it UP.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


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