jomar tanada-bautista: into the “groove”

jomar bautista-tanada's "three inspirations, three ladies"
jomar bautista-tanada’s “three inspirations, three ladies” (partner allence, baby claire and mom ana.)
jomar: deep into the "groove"
jomar: deep into the “groove”

Jomar Tanada-Bautista, nephew of Master Vince Tanada and one of the most prominent and active members of Philippine Stagers Foundation is into the “groove”. And what’s the groove thing all about?


Yes, upon the advice of his uncle Vince, Jomar is now deep into extreme sports kind of thing. He is very much determined to lose weight, keep fit and look more great. He thought of shedding-off those unwanted pounds in a different kind of way- and that is, indulging himself into sports activities that could really keep him fit.

“My uncle Vince reprimanded me already. he said to me: Jomar, if you don’t loose weight, I’ll be mad! So there, that’s when I decided na talaga to loose weight. I go to the gym now regularly like I am going to a classroom. But aside from that, I went to extreme sports. I go biking for hours with my fellow Stager Kenneth and I do a lot of boxing at the gym. Aside from that, I also do Muay Thai martial arts now. Muay Thai is the kind of martial arts that is a mixture of boxing and kickboxing. Those sports are kinda hard but I am determined to loose weight.

“You see, I am an actor, a theater actor at that”, Jomar added. “I have to look good always. I have to take care of my physical aspect, most especially my weight. I am being scrutinized there onstage whenever I perform, so it’s my duty to keep myself fit at all times.”

Jomar is also following a very strict diet nowadays. He calls it the ‘GM Diet’.

“My diet is like a strict diet program”, Jomar said. “It’s composed of fruits, vegetables, fish and a little brown rice”, Jomar said again. “There’s also a little beef on it. But it’s really measured so well that I have to follow every measurement in great detail while eating. It’s kinda’ hard for me because I love food. But again, I say, I am very much determined to loose weight that’s why I have no choice.”

Jomar felt so lucky to have a very good role in the recently-concluded theater master piece of Philippine Stagers Foundation’s Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela.

jomar sa gen. bonson in "bonifacio: isang sarsuwela"
jomar sa gen. bonson in “bonifacio: isang sarsuwela”

“I was the one who really killed the character of Andres Bonifacio, portrayed by my uncle Vince right there onstage”, Jomar added saying again. “I got a lot of good feedback from friends and critics on how meaty my role was. I luckily had that great role because it was given to me by my uncle who directed the play. And I gave my best, I gave so much justice into it. I was already a different person whenever I was there onstage. I fully motivated myself deep into the role.”

Jomar, one blogger noticed, is one of the most promising Stagers of PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation). You could feel outright his dedication, and he could portray a variety of roles, in different characters- and proved to be good. A blogger was so awed when he once performed as an old lady transvestite who holds the keys to heaven in one of those classic plays held every summer at PSF’s Summer Theater festival.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! I never knew you saw that play wherein I had to wear a lady dress and acted as an old woman!”, Jomar blushed in reaction. “I guess, it’s one of my most challenging roles. I have portrayed many different characters so far. And that’s the reward of my being a theater actor. But I don’t just rest on my laurels. My uncle told me to be always into something more different, something more greater.”

jomar: intellegent, deep.
jomar: intellegent, deep.
a variety of roles onstage... for jomar.
a variety of roles onstage… for jomar.

And Jomar is really one brilliant guy, one blogger could attest. His breeding, good manners and politeness could melt your heart.

“Thanks for that”, Jomar said at the end. “And I get my inspiration now from my baby girl named Claire. We named her Claire because me and my partner Allence are devotees of St. Claire. She’s growing-up fast and we’re so thrilled to be with her. I have many blessings to thank for- my mom, my dad, my kid brother, my uncle, my grandparents. And I guess, I just have to be more dedicated as an artist to give back to God what He has given me.”

Very well said, Jomar.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


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