interview with mrs. prescy valenzula-yulo of skin rejuve beauty clinic

mrs. prescy valenzuela-yulo, owner of skin rejuve beauty clinic
mrs. prescy valenzuela-yulo, owner of skin rejuve beauty clinic
mrs. prescy yulo (in the middle) together with the beauty queens at the last beauty & arts event
mrs. prescy yulo (in the middle) together with the beauty queens at the last beauty & arts event
Spas are getting to be one of the most in-demand leisures and relaxation for career-oriented people nowadays. A simple and affordable treat for busy bodies who provide necessities for their families and dependents, who compete day in and day out to reach their professional goals in their field of works, and who aspire for self-improvement and a greater being.
Thus, the spas were born. A thriving health and beauty business venture that’s now creating a good market all over the globe.
There are many kind of spas being established now in the Philippines. But the most successful ones are those that cater to the skin and fitness of a human persona or being of a person.
With the flow of many Spa business establishments in the country- dermatology and slimming spas are the most sought-after and very much in-demand.
Because these kind of skin and fitness spas don’t require surgery or cuts or blades. It’s less risky. .People who simply want to have a better-looking and younger skin would feel safe and beneficial.And also, a person who simply want to get rid of of unwanted fats and heaviness in weight, would again be more hopeful and feeling a more self-fulfilling task to further enhance his fitness and physical self.
This is where Mrs. Prescy Valenzuela Yulo, (owner of Skin Rejuve Elite: Aesthetic, Laser & Sculpture Centre) comes-in. with her six branches of aesthetic spas, she provides clients with the best and the most safest NON-SURGICAL procedures on skin and slimming enhancements.
The first time a blogger met Mrs. Precy Yulo during the Beauty & Arts 3 event of actress Maribel Lopez, he felt so touched by the warmth and kindness of this woman. She smiled so sincerely and even when they were both distracted during an interview by someone at that event, Mrs. Yulo didn’t show any aloofness and distance. Her very nice manner of dealing with the blogger was one of those unforgettable moments when a total good and kind stranger showed her warmth and sincerity to an interviewer. Thus, the blogger promised to himself that he’ll support Mrs. Yulo’s business undertaking in his blog! Surely.
skin rejuve
Below are the questions of a blogger and Mrs. Yulo’s answers:
SSSIP: How did Skin Rejuve started?
PRESCY YULO (P.Y.): Prior to laser and slimming services, Ronald- my husband, and I, used to work with a company dealing with the medical industry. We’re both in the wellness industry for 15 years that provides hospital equipments. With that, we gained experience and later on, we both resigned to our employers. We decided to put-up our own in the year 2007. We distributed dermatology equipments to those people who need it. We also distributed body and sculpting equipments later on…
In the year 2011, we decided to put-up an Aesthetic Center, and we named it Skin Rejuve. We started with one clinic in Kamias Road, near corner Kasing-Kasing Street. From thereon, after that one branch, nag-grow ang business namin. Now, we have six branches na in less than six years.
SSSIP: What is Aesthetic, Laser and Sculpture beauty techniques?
P.Y.: Aesthetics are enhancements that improve the beauty of a person. It’s minimally invasive- meaning, no cuts, no blades. While Lasers are used for the removal of unwanted hairs- diminishing wrinkles and fine lines. Laser also removes acne scars and sun-damaged spots.And Sculpture treatments, on the other hand, are the slimming treatments with different machines that we have. There’s the Ultra Sound machines that we have that’s used in breaking down fats and even celullites. There’s the Radio Frequency machine that’s used on the other hand for tightening of skin.  Plus other high-tech equipments that we have now- all for our Sculpting services for slimming purposes.
actress maribel lopez while experiencing a relaxing beauty treat at the skin rejuve clinic
actress maribel lopez while experiencing a relaxing beauty treat at the skin rejuve clinic
SSSIP: What are the advantages of non-surgical procedures? Do Skin Rejuve clinic wish to compete, in a different way, with the likes of Belo or Calayan clinics?
P.Y.: You see, Robert, non-surgical procedures are less-traumatic to a person. It’s faster in recuperation time and less expensive! If you are a practical person – then, Skin Rejuve clinic is for you. Plus the fact that even ordinary employees, students and senior citizens can really afford our very reasonable prices in our beauty services…. When it comes to competing with the likes of Belo clinic or Calayan clinic, well, our services is entirely different from them. Because they do surgical procedures while Skin Rejuve certainly don’t do that. Skin Rejuve only offers non-surgical procedures.
SSSIP: Do you really think it’s high time for people in the Philippines to beautify themselves?
P.Y.: Yes, of course! And that’s the reason why me and my husband worked hard to open a clinic that can make our fellow Filipinos more beautiful. And our beauty enhancement services is the answer for that! Plus the fact that our services are really affordable.
SSSIP: That’s all for now, Prescy. Thank you.
P.Y.: Thank you, too, Robert.
                                        (end of interview)
from SSSIP: Two more blog features on Mrs. Prescy Yulo and the Skin rejuve clinic to come-out soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂
mrs. yulo with her family
mrs. yulo with her family

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