don gordon bell to form his own photographers’ association through the help of aidea phils.

don's new dream: a photography club
don’s new dream: a photography club
don with ms. juliet lee, a very special friend
don with ms. juliet lee, a very special friend


Don Gordon Bell, together with buddy John Silao and young photographer Erickson dela Cruz- recently judged a photo contest of young architects from Aidea Philippines, held at their office last February 14 at the 29th floor of FUG Bldg, Ayala Avenue, Makati.



The photo contest was a great success! It was so fun-filled and full of fun, games and excitement. And Mr. Don Gordon Bell provided a lot of support, coordination and efficiency to make the event worthwhile.

The said photo exhibit was a part of Aidea’s quarterly get-together to further inspire and give artistic motivations to its group of young architects-artists. And the company also promised to support Mr. Bell’s dream and vision of forming his own photographers association of professional and aspiring photographers. Mr. Bell’s friends- John Silao (a New York-based photographer and the only Filipino photographer to be able to have his photo land on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine during the ’80’s), Erickson dela Cruz and Tyke King, already did promise to join the photo club which Don will mobilize soon.

The grand winner of Aidea’s quarterly photo contest went to the photo entitled “Harana”, a very Filipiniana-inspired photograph with great brownish color texture and magnificent poses of its models.

Don Gordon Bell, a veteran film artist by profession and now a part-time actor and photographer based now in the Philippines is currently recuperating fully from his health. His latest FB status below:

“I am about 80% well…(meaning I have built up Red Blood Cells to 80% but still need to make more). I have a very sore throat but it is not too serious, I choke when I am eating and it looks like I am doing it on purpose, but I cannot swallow…Waist is now 39 inches and working out at Fitness First to lose the FAT…Best thing is that the rest of my inside organs are in “excellent shape” according to internal medicine doctor and Cardiologist my body is 40 something…I have the body I had when I was forty…just not my FACE…haha. I might need a facelift, NAW…but just bought two pairs of jeans 40 inch waist and may have to go smaller, 38 inches…Next month, Marine Boot Camp for Old Farts!!!”





(words by robert manuguid silverio)


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One thought on “don gordon bell to form his own photographers’ association through the help of aidea phils.

  1. Hi John n Don, this Sammy del Rosario, cousin John Silao. After 22 years m back 4 d burial of Mom, who passed on @ d age 100 yrs old. I’ll be here 4 d 40th day of Mom. My email is Sure would like to see u guys. GB! Sam

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