Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Joel Lamangan, others chosen as Cinemalaya 2014 finalists

joel lamangan
joel lamangan


carlitos siguion-reyna
carlitos siguion-reyna


jay altarejos
jay altarejos


louie ignacio
louie ignacio


michael tuviera
michael tuviera


Carlos Siguion-Reyna, Joel Lamangan, others chosen as Cinemalaya 2014 finalists


Carlos Siguion-Reyna is expected to return to the director’s chair for the 10th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

He was supposed to do a movie for last year’s Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival All Masters Edition but he backed out from the project.

Siguion-Reyna is one of the five filmmakers who will compete in the Director’s Showcase category of Cinemalaya, which is scheduled to run from August 1-10.

Director Jose Javier Reyes, one of the members of Cinemalaya screening committee, revealed the names of the finalists through his Facebook account.

Here is the list of filmmakers competing in the New Breed category:

1. Bor Ocampo — Dayang Asu (In Pampanga, We Eat Dogs)
2. GB Sampedro — Separados
3. Ida Anita Del Mundo — Kana, The Dreamweaver
4. Nick Olanka — Ronda
5. Giancarlo Abrahan — Dagitab
6. Milo Sogueco — Mariquina
7. Real Florido — 1st Ko Si 3rd
8. Francis Xavier Pasion — Bwaya
9. Gino Santos — #Y
10. Janice O’Hara and Denise O’Hara — Sundalong Kanin

Pasion has directed two Cinemalaya entries in the past: Jay in 2008 and Sampaguita in 2010.

Meanwhile, Sampedro competed in 2009 for his entry Astig, Sogueco competed in 2009 for the filmSanglaan, while Santos is known for his entry The Animals (2012).

Meanwhile, the Director’s Showcase category is open to filmmakers who have made at least three commercially released films in their career.

Here is the list of filmmakers competing in the Director’s Showcase category:

1. Joel Lamangan — Hustisya
2. Carlos Siguion-Reyna — Hari ng Tondo
3. Jay Altarejos — Kasal
4. Louie Ignacio — Asintado
5. Michael Tuviera — The Janitor

This marks Lamangan’s third time to take part in Cinemalaya after his entries Sigwa and Patikul were included in the 2010 and 2011 editions, respectively. Altarejos also did the Cinemalaya entry Pink Halo-Halo in 2010. — Philippine Entertainment Portal

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