the magical beauty & art of ms. evangeline pascual

evangeline and her painting LOL (Levels of Love)
evangeline and her painting LOL (Levels of Love)

She’s the epitome of class, beauty and grace. She looked seemingly ageless, undefiable and sweet- as she sat there writing a poetic note to her friend Maria Isabel Lopez before a great event was about to start. 

vangie: great beauty
vangie: great beauty

A blogger looked further at her. There’s an aura of magnifying presence that surrounded her. A very magical aura- that a blogger seldom saw in showbiz and artistic events like this. This beauty queen, indeed, could be someone “close” into his ethereal-like dreams, and friends… 

A rare beauty. And a very warm person-



vangie's painting- LYU (Traveller)
vangie’s painting- LYU (Traveller)

As a blogger approached her, she already smiled.  Her refined movements and gentle but motherly approach (though she’s not far our age— sssip*) further fascinated a blogger. Being beside her already felt like… HEAVEN.

And as she said YES for an interview, the world stopped. Because when beauty is around, life would never be the same again.

evangeline with a blogger
evangeline with a blogger

“I am right here from the start”, Ms. Evangeline Pascual answered at once when the blogger asked her about the Beauty & Arts 3 event held recently. “It’s my third year at this Beauty & Arts event. Right from the start, I was there already. Me and Maribel conceived this idea. But it was Maribel who mobilized it all and I gave her my 100 per cent moral support. This event, it’s all Maribel’s strength. She comes-in as the fruit of all these. And I’m so happy to be a part of it all.”

maribel lopez, evangeline pascual and a "blogger"
maribel lopez, evangeline pascual and a “blogger”

In last year’s Beauty & Arts 2 event (this year is Beauty & Arts “3”), Evangeline’s exhibited paintings there were all sold-out. And her paintings were the highest-prized paintings, a blogger later learned. In this year’s exhibit, her paintings were more vivid, grandeur and tantalizing to look at.

“I entitled one painting of mine as LOL, meaning Levels of Love”, Evangeline continued saying. “I worked on that painting for almost a year! It’s almost like my masterpiece.  It took sometime to paint that because it required drying it first before I continue painting new segments on it. It needed a lot of drying in the sunlight, if not, it will wilt. But it turned-out fine, and I can say that it’s the most expensive painting being exhibited here tonight at this event.”

a younger evangeline pascual during her reign
a younger evangeline pascual during her reign
evangeline during her Miss World final Q & A interview portion
evangeline during her Miss World final Q & A interview portion

There’s one other new painting that Evangeline exhibited that night. It’s entitled LYU. As you gazed at the painting and study it more carefully, it implied images of one man’s journey of giving and appreciating. It showed series of many experiences and many levels of humanity.

“It’s the highest point of love”, Ms. Evangeline further said about her painting LYU (translation: “traveller”). “That a man has to take many flights and many journeys- go beyond the fences and the boundaries, until finally giving it all back again in the end. The green colors on that painting represents the ability to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you- the horses, the flowers…”

And the interview turned into revelations of Ms. Evangeline Pascual and her many great philosophies, visions and opinions about the depth of human existence. A blogger didn’t accurately grabbed her beautiful words and sayings because of many distractions were coming-in already at that night’s event- as some guests already flocking-in. Nevertheless, Ms. Evangeline assured a blogger for another interview next time.

Presently, Ms. Pascual went back to school. She’s now taking a graduate school at the Ateneo de Manila University’s Loyal School of Theology. And that’s why she’s now into Partial Counselling- helping some people and children whose families were left behind. An angelic task. That makes Ms. Pascual a great advocate.

Plus the fact that she’s also now taking care of her 83 year-old mom, that’s why she had to quit her own radio show several months back already.

” I needed to get out of my comfort zone and spend more time this time with my mom”, she said. “But in-between, I do TV appearances in drama shows still and my counselling tasks go along, too.”

In case you don’t know yet, Ms. Evangeline Pascual was the very first Filipina to be able to get the beauty title of Miss World, Ms. Maegan Young only came second.

Evangeline first became First Runner-Up in 1974 Miss World, but months after, the title-holder was dethroned and Evangeline became the Miss World of 1974.

maegan young
maegan young

What could she say now about Maegan Young?

“I believe in her so much”, Vangie said at the end of the interview. “Once you become a beauty queen, it offers a lot of responsibilities and I know, Maegan can do it so well. The reign of a beauty queen begins after the reign. It’s how you make it last that matters in the end.”



(words by robert manuguid silverio)