from blogsite: VINCE TANADA, the ‘Otso’ actor does an about-face

vince tanada: star of the indie film "otso" which was shown last year at the master's edition of sineng pambansa's national film festival
vince tanada: star of the indie film “otso” which was shown last year at the master’s edition of sineng pambansa’s national film festival, now stars in another yet upcoming film “esoterica manila”.

Written by Mr.  Bhenj Agustin (of blogsite)


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He earned praise for his debut film Otso which might even make it to several international film festivals this year yet actor, writer and director Vince Tañada says that after his next one, Esoterica Manila, he’ll never be seen again on the big screen.


vince goes a lot more artistically daring in "esoterica manila", soon!
vince goes a lot more artistically daring in “esoterica manila”, soon!

“This will be my last,” he said of Esoterica Manila. “If ever that I will do another film (after that), I will just write or direct it, but not play any role.”


What drives a man who seems to be onto bigger success in an endeavor to just backtrack like that? Well, Vince said it’s ‘about following one’s clean desire from heart’.


“When you do things, dapat masaya ka duon sa ginagawa mo. Sampung taon na ako as theatre director and writer and…hindi naman mahirap mag-adjust sa filmmaking – wala nga halos challenge – but for me, acting is a process,’ he said.


Vince differentiated between acting in theatre and in film. He said that when acting in theatre “every scene is a moment of discovery” in that there’s suspension of belief because things happen in real time.


“Although memorize ko yung script, parang dun ko lang nararamdaman lahat kasi yung nangyayari sa play is in chronological order,” he explained.


In the movies, at least from an actor’s point of view, the order when scenes are shot depends on availability.


Pag available yung actor ngayon, ‘O, yan na muna (na scene niya ang i-shoot).’ Ni hindi mo nga alam ang istorya eh. Ang sasabihin lang sa yo, yung eksena na yun at ano dapat nararamdaman mo at that moment. Pero yung kabuuan ng pelikula, hindi mo alam kung ano yung nangyayari.


He acknowledged that some people criticized his acting in Otso, finding it inappropriate and very theatrical (almost bordering on histrionics, or OA, as in ‘over-acting’, he said). But, Vince said it was what the story required from him – and not all knew, let alone understood that.


“It was actually Elwood (Perez, Otso director) acting, using me as a medium. As a theatre director, I know how to taper ‘stage-y’ acting. But he said no, you have to act oratorical, you have to be unrealistic because the movie is not logical, it isn’t realistic in anyway, so why would you act like a real person?”


Both Elwood and Vince knew some won’t get it but they are not about to explain anything. The actor actually thinks that the questions the movie left on people’s minds is one of its strengths.


“That is the beauty of it, creating debate among people. Some people liked it, others thought it was trash…ganun naman ang kagandahan ng pelikula eh. Kasi pag sinabi mong maganda siya, tapos na yun.


Pero pag sinabi mong ‘Bakit ito ganun? Bakit ‘Otso’? Bakit hindi ko ma-gets ito, hindi ko maintindihan…’ kumbaga may baon ka pag-uwi mo, meaning it created a mark,positive or negative man ‘yan.”


Somewhere down the line, Vince hopes people would recognize the film as “filmesque”; that is, a combination of fantasy and reality. He likes to believe that what they’ve created is an “art film” , and that he hopes it would start a new “trend”.


Or maybe not.


Sabi nga po, para maintindihan mo ang film na ito, kailangang magkaroon ka ng IQ level na 130. Hindi ko naman po bine-belittle yung iba. Ang gusto ko pong sabihin, nabubuhay kasi tayo na ang inaakala nating maganda eh yung kung paano isinasagawa yung mga teleserye dito sa bansa natin…


And yes, he said that, too.

That’s Mr. Vince Tanada for you.



(words written by: benj agustin)


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