the magical feeling of watching PEDRO CALUNGSOD: D’ MUUUZZZIIIKKKAAALLL!

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It was a story withing a story… A story of a good writer who dreamt of an angel and a Saint… and a story of a Saint who never left his friend.

In-between great musical and dance numbers, you’d feel enthralled and fascinated. A great  feeling of wonderment, a great sight of powerful young actors, and with them were, two intense lead actors that could make you laugh, make you love and make you dream all over again.

Somehow, you could see the angels take form in real lives- naughty, mischievous, funny, youthful and “mga pasaway” (in literal term, “trying to get noticed”). But it was so good to feel and see-that angels also do pranks, magics and songs.


Written and directed by no less than Vince Tanada, the play is not just an ordinary play about the life of our second Filipino Saint. Mr. Tanada applied something new. A unique story, a very imaginative one, that, could touch the hearts of the young and those who believe in the existence of ANGELS AND SAINTS.

The writer-director also experimented with great improvisational skills all throughout the play- in each scene, with every major and minor characters- to a writer/viewer’s delight.

Some lines in the play were “impromptu” and the actors at once, were quick to absorb and did manage alawys to throw back good ad-libs. They were quick in “mind-set”, fast in their sudden changes on stage blockings and fascinating with their own powerful improvisations.

If you would watch this play in three consecutive times for a day, you’d surely see how the improvisational techniques were applied (as this blogger did see it after he watched the play in 3 consecutive performances at sm north edsa cinema 9 only recently). Surely, the director knew how to instruct and discipline his Stagers. Very impressive.

In one of the play’s scheduled performance, suddenly, the director-actor (in person of Vince Tanada) changed and shifted the actors into different characters, as he commanded them right there onstage in an ‘improvisational scene” about angels applying to re-enact and become actors performing the characters involved in the life of St. Pedro! And yes,  you could see right there onstage how surprised the actors were (but in their faces were smiles of great confidence)! But to one blogger’s amazement, they all delivered with great angst and acting style, and transformed into different characters within the play! Superb! Simply wonderful!

Great innovations. Creative wonder. Magnetic illusions. Wow!

Hats-off to you, Mr. Vince Tanada- for making this play about a young Saint who’s closest to the heart of an angel and a FRIEND.

“Mr. Tanada, you did good justice to US”….




(as the words were written: December 18, 2013, by Robert Manuguid Silverio)



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