a date with ms. chanel latorre- the “woman of the ruins”

chanel: a second lead role in "woman of the ruins", shown in the recently-concluded cinema one originals fest
chanel: a second lead role in “woman of the ruins”, shown in the recently-concluded cinema one originals fest
poster of "woman of the ruins"
poster of “woman of the ruins”
chanel with lead actress alessandra de rossi during thre press conference of cinema one originals fest held recently
chanel with lead actress alessandra de rossi during thre press conference of cinema one originals fest held recently


It was a fantastic dinner date with Ms. Chanel Latorre at the fab Mr. Choi Kitchen (a  Chinese restaurant), located at the ground floor of Robinson’s Galleria mall. The food was great and the celebrity-host who treated this blogger for that sumptuous Chinese dinner was AWESOME.

Chanel was so lovely, candid and in high spirits that night. She’s so happy about the outcome of her latest film- Woman of the Ruins, which was among the film entries in the recently-concluded Cinema One Originals fest. The film will soon have added screenings in some major cinemas.

As she talked about her latest films, her relationship with her co-stars, her new film projects and her passion as an actress, Channel became so optimistic.  She was also so elegant in her black & sexy dress that evening- that charmed her guest to the max!

This new and promising actress is destined for great stardom. She’s totally dedicated to her craft, hopeful and positive for the future and no qualms at all with baring a little onscreen. And as one blogger noticed, she could really ACT.

So, here goes our Q & A (Question & Answer) interview with the lady in the Cinema One Originals film “Woman of the Ruins”:


SSSIP: What were your most memorable experiences while filming Woman of the Ruins?

CHANEL: It took us two weeks to shoot the film. We did rush because the Cinema One Originals indie fest was already near its deadline then. But you know what? It took us three weeks, and for five days, we got  stranded on that island in Corregidor, Bataan province because of a storm! We couldn’t get-out of the island because the only way out was through a boat. But because of the big waves, a boat could not cross- and so, we got trapped!

SSSIP: What happened then?

CHANEL: Well, we just did re-takes, played cards, hang-around and make kulit to each other. Haha. We had no choice. Sometimes, our director, Keith Sicat, would think of new ideas to shoot, so we just did added shoots even if we already finished shooting. We waited for the storm to pass. We became very collaborative to each other, it’s like one big family. And we all managed to enjoy being trapped on that great island where we shot the film.

SSSIP: What can you say about your director there – Keith Sicat?

CHANEL: I can say by now, he’s one of the best friends I ever have! Yes, you heard it right. Me and direk Keith leveled-up into becoming very good friends while we shot the film. And it was great! An artist like me having a friend like direk Keith is such a great joy for me. We have no limits to each other, you see.

SSSIP: What about direk Peque Gallaga and Alessandra de Rossi who were your co-actors in this film? What can you say about them, too?

CHANEL: Oh, my!!! They’re both so greaaaatttt!!! Direk Peque was like my real lolo (grandpa). He’s so ‘grandpa-like’, you see. He’s very caring, very warm and very loving. To think he’s one of the Masters we consider as a director and as a film maker. He’s so humble! It’s really a great experience working with him via our film Woman of the Ruins… And Alessandra, we were, like, sobrang attached to each other while we worked on that film! Hay naku, grabeeee!!! Favorite ko talaga siya katrabaho! the best!… Imagine, there’s one scene in the film wherein she’s supposed to be drowning on the sea and I was saving her, actually, on reality, we’re both already drowning on that scene take but our director didn’t know! And so we had to save each other. As the take ended, that’s the only time our director Keith realized the great hardships we had encountered while doing that take. But it’s okay for both of us. Luckily, we didn’t drown.

SSSIP: How did you get your part in this film?

CHANEL: I auditioned for the role. The director then was looking for an actress who could play a 17 yr.-old girl. And nicely enough, I got the part. When direk Keith gave me the materials and the script, I got so drawn to my role in the movie. It’s one of the best roles an actress like me could ever have… And by the way, I had to lose 10 pounds for the role. And I did it in a matter of days, would you believe that!

SSSIP: I heard that you’re from Tacloban City, Channel. And your father was first reported missing after typhoon Yolanda devastated your city province. Is everything okay now, Channel? Was your dad rescued?

CHANEL: Thank God, my dad is safe! Actually, he really didn’t go missing. It’s just that our relatives there could not contact his whereabouts. There was no communication. My dad lived in the city proper and he offered our home as a shelter to most of our neighbors and town mates who suffered heavily. Our home became an instant evacuation center there. And my dad was really a hero… Right now, me and my dad organized relief operations to all the victims and the homeless in Tacloban City. And you know what, a lot of people helped! A lot of friends donated goods, clothes, toys, etcetra. It was so overwhelming. God is soooo good. We managed to helped our fellow kababayans there now in Tacloban City.

SSSIP: What would be your next movie project, Chanel?

CHANEL: I will have another festival movie. It’s one of the indie film entries on this forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival. It’s entitled Island Dreams and I will star here opposite a French actor. The film is about a foreigner who fell in love with his tourist guide. It’s like a love story with a sexy twist.

SSSIP: More power to you, Chanel. Great things are coming your way!

CHANEL: Thanks, tito Robert. Luvlots!


(end of interview)



chanel sizzles
chanel sizzles
chanel with her director keith sicat and the rest of the cast of "woman of the ruins"
chanel with her director keith sicat and the rest of the cast of “woman of the ruins”
channel in red! (photo by don gordon bell)
channel in red! (photo by don gordon bell)

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