president of “manunuri ng pelikulang pilipino” (or Gawad Urian) praises mara lopez’ acting in her latest film with ms. nora aunor

mara in black and on the loose...
mara in black and on the loose…

The National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) of Sineng Pambansa had just ended. And the Cine Filipino Film Festival (sponsored by the people behind Channel 5) had just started. It opened a few days ago, and one of the early “buzzes” was Mara Lopez’ great acting in the movie Ang Kuwento Ni Mabuti, a movie that featured no less than Ms. Nora Aunor on the lead and Mara as one of the supports.

In the movie, Mara played Nora’s daughter. And according to an indie film director who called-up Mara’s mom (Ms. Maribel Lopez), the Manunuri Ng Pelikulang Pilipino (MPP), most especially its President Mr. Lito Zulueta, admired Mara’s acting greatness in the said film. And they wanted it to be relayed to Mara herself.

“I couldn’t believe it!”, Mara told this blogger. “I am so happy that they liked my acting there. The Manunuri‘s are the people behind Gawad Urian, isn’t it? Gosh, it’s a great honor for me!”

Other people also called-up Mara over the phone and they’re all congratulating her over her performance in the said film entry for the Cine Filipino fest. Lots of them, actually. And this made Mara even more excited and overwhelmed.

“I just did my best and I never knew people will like it”, Mara told one blogger again over a brief chat at her mobile phone. “My mom’s so excited about the news. I guess, she’s more happier than me. Haha.”

The Manunuri‘s said that Mara showed something in Ang Kuwento Ni Mabuti that she had never shown before. Maybe, too, they only saw that kind of acting from Mara, isn’t it?

Alongside with Mara, people were also amazed with Ms. Nora Aunor’s acting skills there. Many were saying that the Superstar would win again awards via the movie.

“Acting beside the Superstar herself, Ms. Nora Aunor was already a dream come true for me”, Mara ended saying. “And being noticed in this movie together with her, wow, I really couldn’t ask for more!”

Proud of you, Mara!



(words by robert manugid silverio)

mara with ms. nora aunor in one scene from the movie "ang kuwento ni mabuti".
mara with ms. nora aunor in one scene from the movie “ang kuwento ni mabuti”.
mara in blood!
mara in blood!
mara with her everdearest mom-maribel lopez.
mara with her everdearest mom-maribel lopez.

mara poster

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