gabby tanada-bautista and his very significant role in the movie “otso”


gabby bautista: the living angel in "otso" film
gabby bautista: the living angel in “otso” film

Do you believe in angels? Have you ever seen ONE?

This blogger saw one, in the images of good living human beings… in children with innocence and love.

As Master film director Elwood Perez called him a “child wonder” and an awesome child actor during one of his speeches in the many party events at the Philippine Stagers Foundation, we believed him so.

This new child actor, one of the many precious products of PSF (Phil. Stagers Foundation) is a SLEEPING GIANT.

Don’t awaken him, because if he awakens, the movie world and the theater scene will jumble altogether to grab him and possess him to further the “AWE”.

A blogger had seen him act and perform onstage- in two plays, namely “Cory Ng Edsa” and “Joe: The Rocksical”. And it left him breathless. What he saw was a child prodigy, one of a kind, fabulous talent.

His upbringing is very ELITE and UPPER CLASS. With very educated manners, class and delightful ways. Onstage, he’s vibrant and strong. Proud and brave… But, once he’s not onstage anymore and simply hanging-around with his parents, he’s quite shy and naive. Two distinct personalities of a great young boy. Surely, those are attributes of being a young artist.

HIS NAME: GABBY TANADA BAUTISTA. Or Gabby Bautista, for short.

His mom, Anna Tanada Bautista is the sister of Vince Tanada, the head of PSF. He inherited with them his acting skills, but to the surprise of both Anna and Vince, Gabby seemed to be more passionate in dealing with his artistry and acting skills.

In the movie “Otso”, Gabby played a very significant role. A kind of role that’s too great and symbolical and meaningful.

He’s the young boy-neighbor of Vince’s character there. But there’s a more deeper meaning with the child’s presence in the film, as it evolved with Vince’s character and visions of his dark and haunted past.

At the final scene of the movie, Gabby was shown writing and typing on the computer laptop, then, he looked up.

It was the message of the film. There’s a hidden meaning into it… and that made Gabby’s role in the movie “Otso” very powerful and scene-stealing.


With the emergence of new and good child actors in this year’s National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) – Gabby won’t certainly be at the last of the billing list- in terms of goodness and greatness in his acting craft. He may not be an overnight phenomenon, but surely, he’s out to last for a LIFETIME.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

gabby: trained in the theater scene, now evolves in the movie scene via the movie "otso"
gabby: trained in the theater scene, now evolves in the movie scene via the movie “otso”


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