film critics, media bloggers, and movie press people graces the critics night of the film “otso”!



Jessica Zafra… Oggs Cruz… Mario Hernando… Mario V Dumaual… 

Isah V. Red… Ishko Lopez… Nonoy Lauzon… Dennis Evangelista.

Alwyn Ignacio… Pilar Mateo… Mell T. Navarro… and, Roldan Castro with Rodel Ocampo Fernando.

These are just a few of the names of media people, film critics and bloggers who all graced the Critics Night of the much-acclaimed latest directorial job of Master film director Elwood Perez entitled “OTSO”. Together with the lead star of the film, Vince Tanada, direk Elwood enjoyed mingling with the press, film critics and bloggers that night. And majority of the people who abled to watch the film were get “awed” and truly felt the beauty of a cinematic art via the film “OTSO”.

“I am so happy with the positive outcome of our film, Robert”, Vince Tanada, the lead star of Otso, said to this blogger. “I am now totally adjusting with showbiz people. And I find them totally nice. I thank them all for supporting our film and attending our critics Night.”

Also present that evening at the Mall of Asia’s Director’s Club screening house were the rest of the cast of the movie. They were members and Stagers of Philippine Stagers Foundation who were casted in the film with important roles. The likes of Patrick Libao, Monique Azerreda, Jordan Ladra, Chris Lim, Adelle Lim, Jerie Sanchez, D’Rotsen Etolle, Kevin Posadas, Cherry Ann Bagtas and child actor Gabby Bautista.

Vince Tanada’s loving parents- Mr. & Mrs. Tanada were also present that night. After the screening, the group proceeded to Friday’s restaurant to have a sumptuous dinner of Caesar’s Salad, Pastas, Chicken, Pork Adobo, Fish Fillets and a lot more. Plus a little cocktail drinks.

“OTSO” is among the film entries included in the coming National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) of Sineng Pambansa and sponsored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). It will open on September 11 at all SM Cinemas nationwide.

“I am so happy to be a part of this festival”, Vince declared. “And its an honor for me to be directed by Master filmaker Elwood Perez. Let’s all see each other at the cinemas once the movie is shown”.

Surely, papa Vince.

Meanwhile let’s all take a look at the photos below taken at the critics Night of OTSO (we grabbed them “without any authorization” at the FB Pages of Mr. Vince Tanada, Mario Hernando and Ms. Elaine Tanada-Coronel).



(words by robert manuguid silverio)

Imagevince (in sando) with film critics mario hernando and isah v. red, direk elwood perez, mr. ishko lopez and the STAGERS.


Imagemedia press people waits for the screening of the film “otso” (at the director’s club screening room of Mall of Asia)

ImageImagemr. mario hernando enjoys the company of cherry ann bagtas at the dinner treat of vince tanada after the screening of “otso”

Imagemario v. dumaual of TV Patrol interviews vince.

Imagethe proud parents of vince tanada poses with direk elwood.

Imagems. elaine ttanada-coronel, vince’s sister, with her family and direk elwood.

Imagehandsome vince.

Imagesnobbis isah v. red enjoys the company of vince.


Imagevince’s supportive new theater aspirants in a loving pose.


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