lance raymundo’s yummy photos taken by tyke king for FABE magazine!

Imagelance: great movie projects for a serious actor.


Lance Raymundo had recently completed shooting his scenes for the movie Tinik, an entry for the coming National Film Festival by Sineng Pambansa’s All-Masters Edition, and sponsored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP).

“My scenes there were set during circa ’70’s”, Lance told this blogger. “I can not reveal my role yet on the film. But my role is a part of the history of the character of the main lead there. Just watch out. This latest movie of mine is something I am so proud of.”

Based on the still photos alone of Lance in the film that he managed to show to this blogger via his mobile phone, we could say that Lance acted-out well and good. In one close-up photo, his eyes revealed great emotions as an actor. A mixture of sadness, worry and compassion in his eyes.

“The number one reason why I accepted this movie is because of its director, a master filmaker- Romy V. Suzara”, Lance further revealed. “I cherished working with him in this film. He is fast and efficient. I admire him a lot.”

Lance had previously worked with other great Master film directors- the late Mario O’Hara (in Paglilitis Ni Andres Bonifacio) and Peque Gallaga (in a docu film about Botong Farncisco entitled A Nation Imagined). And now, with Suzara.

“I see it as a great opportunity to be able to work with them”, Lance said.”And I try my best to deliver. They are the film Masters!”

Aside from Tinik, Lance also finished recently Mga Ala-ala Ng Tag-ulan, an entry for another film festival this coming month of September- the Cine Filipino Indie Film festival.

So that makes two movies of Lance showing by the month of September! Isn’t that great?

“And I am going to shoot another movie anytime soon”, Lance added saying. “It’s going to be directed by Benito Bautista, an acclaimed new Filipino director. It will be under an Indian production outfit. And I will star here opposite Solenn Heusaff and Kiko Matos.”

Lance’s international movie with a Hollywood film director- The Thief, The Kid and the Killer– is also going to be shown in Manila before the year ends. He’s got an offbeat role here but very meaty. And Lance is now really excited about this film which he finished shooting almost a year ago.

On August 30, Lance will appear as special guest to Ms. Janice Hung’s mini-concert at Congo Grille (Tomas Morato branch). They will do duets on that special mini-concert.

Meanwhile, let’s all get wet and thirsty with Lance’s ‘delicious’ pics below taken by photographer Tyke King for FABE Magazine. He sizzles!

Oh, my.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


“lauriana”, master film director mel chionglo’s entry for national film festiival of sineng pambansa!


Allen Dizon and Bangs Garcia in “LAURIANA”, a film about twisted love and domestic abuse. Set in 1950’s but the story is stripped from yesterday and today’s headlines. Find out why! Watch it on Sineng Pambansa’s National Film Festival, All Master’s Edition opening on September 11 at all SM Cinemas nationwide!

Imagedirector mel chionglo (in eyeglasses) with the whole cast of the film “lauriana”

Imagebangs garcia and allen dizon

ImageImageImageImagebangs garcia and allen dizon in a delicate scene in “lauriana”

Imagevictor basa’s bed scene with bangs garcia in “lauriana”

director mac alejandre on having a great company with the movies!

Imagedirector mac alejandre in europe: with ice cold beer and tuna sashimi inside a bar while remiscing “burlesk queen”.


Alone in a bar thinking movies. I remember I used to save up on my allowance so I can watch movies on weekends. Sometimes , I don’t save enough, so I’d give up eating a meal in school so I can watch a film. Or at Christmastime, I anxiously look forward to my relatives’ cash gifts and watch as many MMFF movies my money can afford. One such movie that greatly influenced me is a Celso Ad Castillo masterpiece called BURLESK QUEEN. It is a daring period piece that tells the story of an ageing burlesk dancer , her alalay and the soon to be burlesk queen, a self righteous bedridden father, a good for nothing boyfriend, a theatre impresario and many more peripheral characters set in the dying days of vaudeville at election time in the 50’s. Castillo is a genius. He captures an era and its characters in a spiraling story of morality and change in images that only he can create. The movie tells various tales but focus on the descent of an innocent woman (played brilliantly by Vilma Santos) whose desire to love and serve traps her in an emotional quagmire and ends in a 17 minute burlesk dance of death as the crowd unwittingly scream for more. BURLESK QUEEN is is one great metaphor, but it also is filled with whimsical brilliance that even after over 30 years, the film’s images are stuck in my heart and mind. This was the late 70’s and this film , to me , defined Vilma Santos as an actress, raw, powerful, sensitive. Weeks ago, I watched Jeffrey Jeturian’s EKSTRA, a film created with sensitivity, humor and pathos. I’ve always admired Jeturian’s works. His TUHOG and PILA BALDE are masterpieces. In EKSTRA , he skillfully traverses a story laden with emotional traps and wittingly focuses on simple dreams and the heart of ordinary people. And he succeeds. And the raw power that Vilma Santos had in BURLESK QUEEN is now even more powerful in its refinement, precision, and generosity . I’m still alone in a bar. But thinking good movies is like having great company. Having ice cold beer and tuna sashimi are a bonus.

ImageImageImageImagethe late great film director celso ad castillo, vilma santos in “burlesk queen” (a filipino film classic), director jeffrey jetturian and “ekstra”, the movie (THEY ALL MAKE GOOD COMPANY TO DIRECTOR MAC ALEJANDRE).


Photo from Cory Monteith’s final film role ‘McCanick’ released


Photo from Cory Monteith’s final film role ‘McCanick’ released

By Andrew Sims



Cory Monteith has a role in the upcoming crime drama McCanick, and in light of the actor’s untimely death, the director has released a look at his final movie.

 Director Josh C. Waller spoke highly of working with Monteith, who had told Waller that one reason the actor wanted the gig was to begin to prepare for a post-Glee career. Monteith would fly from Los Angeles to Philadelphia in between taping new episodes of Glee in order to film his part as Simon Weeks.

Simon is a character who is “a violent and drug-addicted street hustler,” and Monteith wanted the role to draw from his past real life experiences. “He was very vocal about his past, and said he wanted to tap into things from his youth that he hadn’t been able to use as an actor yet,” Waller told Yahoo. “He didn’t say it was a cathartic experience, but you could sense it.”

Watch the clip starring Monteith below:


A release date for McCanick has been set on the month of SEPTEMBER.

Many fans of Monteith have been wondering what will come of Glee season 5 since pre-production is already underway.

Glee season 5 is slated to premiere September 19 on Fox, but now that date may be up in the air to accommodate script re-writes.


A new photo of Cory Monteith in McCanick, the actor’s final movie role following his tragic death last month, has been released.

 Today, the movie’s producers also announced that it will make its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September.

The film’s official synopsis is as follows:

When narcotics detective Eugene “Mack” McCanick (David Morse, “16 Blocks,”The Green Mile”) discovers that a seemingly harmless young criminal, Simon Weeks (Cory Monteith, Glee), has been released from prison, it triggers a firestorm of paranoia and violence.

Unbeknownst to the chief of police (Ciaran Hinds, “There Will Be Blood,” “Tinker Tailor Solider Spy”), Mack and his partner, Floyd (Mike Vogel, Under the Dome, “The Help”) mercilessly hunt down Weeks for unknown reasons over the course of one long, hot day. The closer Mack gets to his prey, the more we understand that his frenzy stems from a truth from the past, which only Weeks can expose.