“bonifacio: isang zarzuela”: a gathering of new and established psf theater performers in one monumental play!

the philippine stagers foundation's great theater performers
the philippine stagers foundation’s great theater performers
psf's "best of the crop"
psf’s “best of the crop”
attorney vince tanada as "andres bonifacio"
attorney vince tanada as “andres bonifacio”

As they all lined-up in PSF Studio’s center stage to face the media bloggers in an open-forum, I almost saw ‘the soul’ of Philippine Theater coming-out ALIVE.

Sometimes, I could look straightly into their very eyes as they face me from the audience area, but sometimes, too, I could just look at the ceiling up above and feel some hidden ‘entities’ there…

Their presence was too strong, so penetrating. SO ALIVE.

The male and female actors of Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF), as they gathered anew in their latest forthcoming new play entitled: “Bonifacio, Isang Zarzuela”.

YES, THEY WERE ALL STANDING AND SITTING  AT THE FRONT OF ME. At that very time, that very moment- in an almost “ad-infinity-essence-like” of TIME.

They announced to the media bloggers that they will all be very busy on their rehearsals for the play- daily, from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. – for one whole month.

In addition, new talent sensations of psf (who recently graduated from psf acting workshop) will be introduced in the play, playing brief but important roles.

They all had voice lessons because they will all sing in zarzuela in this play.

All of them were now studying fully the assigned roles or characters they’re about to portray. Preparing inch by inch, in every detail and nuances, up to their physical transformations.

Just like what Hollywood actors are doing. They also prepare much for the roles given to them.

As young PSF actor Jomar Tanada Bautista puts-it: “Sir, did you notice that something changed in my face? I had to develop my looks and personality because as an actor, we are entitled for it. I had to study and do my homework in preparation for this play.”

PSF “man” Vince Tanada did a good job harnessing these group of theater actors into very fine performers.

Vince is going to be the one to portray Andres Bonifacio (whom, many say that should have been the Philippine National Hero), and alternating with him is handsome PSF actor JM Encinas.

When this blogger asked JM if he’s afraid to compete with the PSF “main man”-Vince- by alternating with him the role of Bonifacio in this play, he quickly replied:

“No, sir”, he answered. “Sir Vince is the one who taught me hard to become a fine actor. He’s so supportive of me.”

Another blogger, meanwhile, asked Vince if he’s ready for the criticisms that might come for his forthcoming play from “Pro-Aguinaldo’s” group (since he told the media bloggers that in this play, he’ll show to everyone that Bonifacio was really somehow ‘murdered’?  by Emilio Aguinaldo and that the play will favor more on the side of Bonifacio), Vince was also quick to answer:

“Yes, I am ready!”

This play, by the way, was also written by Mr. Tanada himself and he’ll also be directing it. This is going to be his “darkest” play so far- “With lots of bloody scenes and battles and killings right there onstage”, he said.

A gathering of “new breed of theater performers” would now soon show to the students and mostly, to the young people the real HISTORY of the Filipino people. And how Bonifacio greatly offered his life for every filipino individual’s LIBERTY from the Spanish regime during the 1800’s.

Right there onstage, in flickering lights, in LIVE MOTION, and in an artistic way of presenting it, under the hands of an outstanding theater man (Mr. Vince T.) . . .

As they all impressed more fully this blogger with the way they answered the questions on that Q & A moment, definitely, the stars will shine a lot more brighter as the play “Bonifacio” Isang Zarzulea” opens on July 19, 2013, to jumpstart the new theater season of Philippine Stagers Foundation.



words by robert manuguid silverio


a separate stage performance on andres bonifacio's life (not psf's)
a separate stage performance on andres bonifacio’s life (not psf’s)
andres bonifacio: filipino hero
andres bonifacio: filipino hero
a painting scene in bonifacio's historical life- the KKK.
a painting scene in bonifacio’s historical life- the KKK.
a reenactment of andres bonifacio's death by a different theater group
a reenactment of andres bonifacio’s death by a different theater group
jomar tanada bautista: the most promising psf actor
jomar tanada bautista: the most promising psf actor

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