vince tanada prepares for the rehearsals of psf’s new plays!

vince: from the strict world of theater to showbiz world's "people of bad behaviours"
vince: from the strict world of theater to showbiz world’s “people of bad behaviours”


After a brief vacation in Singapore for a much-needed rest, the man behind Philippine Stagers Foundation is now preparing for the rehearsals for the new plays they will perform on the new season of PSF (Phil. Stagers Foundation).

“Bonifacio: Isang Zarzuela” and “Pedro Calungsod: The Musical” will be PSF’s forthcoming attractions.

Jordan Ladra will be portraying Saint Pedro Calungsod and Vince Tanada, together with JM Encinas will be portraying Andres Bonifacio alternately.

Recently, Vince just finished shooting his very first indie film entitled “Otso”, which will be among the entries for the forthcoming Master’s Edition Film Festival. The movie “Otso” is directed by veteran filmaker Elwood Perez.

Vince can’t still fully adjust with the way how showbiz people works, but he knows he’ll soon get over with it. In the theater world, people are “on time”, professional and very hardworking- without any traces of any “bad attitudes”.

But once you’re in showbiz, you’ll encounter many people who are in bad “behaviours”? Can Vince get-along with it?

Watchout! We feel, he can!



words by robert manuguid silverio


Imagevince with his new talent sensations at psf

Imagevince with the best male theater performers of psf, in their singapore sojourn recently


Imagevince in singapore

Imagevince: the “otso” guy, even in size?

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