chris: a real & eternal theater actor.
chris: a real & eternal theater actor.



MEN. The most perfect creation of GOD.

MEN. Grown-up boys that continues ‘play’ with life’s many struggles.

MEN. The brave ones. The fighters in the field. The advocates of goodwill. The prime movers of CHANGE.

MEN. The warriors. The saviours. The soldiers. And most of all, the ‘revolutionaries’ and the ‘democrats’…


IN THE latest play written by Atty. Vince Tanada, all these definitions and infinite feelings about men were clearly captured and felt.

The title of the play: “Dilaw O Pula”.

One blogger could almost touch the ‘souls’ of the two male characters of the play, as they tried to escape the past that kept on coming back inside the tiny jailhouse cell they both shared together.

It was all too painful. You’d cry as they enacted the tortures inflicted on them by the “people in authority” who both jailed them.

The physical dillemas, the sufferings, the mental anguish…

And it was presented in such a very dark & artistic “torment” acted onstage as the two lead characters briskly changed emotions- minute by minute- and the mood varied and the texture changed.

It was a very hard task for the actors. Changing your emotions at once onstage could bring you DELUSIONS. But the two male leads bravely handled it- the result was FANTASTIC.

Beautiful, horrifying, dramatic.

KIERWIN LARENA played the “red” man.

His face was extremely handsome onstage, but it didn’t distract the many unique “characterizations” he sensitively portrayed as he acted-out those “evil” characters, mingled with “good & symphatetic” ones that dwelt upon his life as a RED man.

Yes, again, one blogger could almost touch Kierwin’s soul.

His voice was distinctly manly- deep and penetrating. The “eye-stares” were very much embracing…

He sat there onstage looking at his fellow inmate, but you’d already cried, along with his simple body movements and implied words.

When he bared his body- in one totally naked sex scene and kissing scene with his fellow male inmate- you won’t feel “off”. It was magical to look at. Almost like “an eternity”… As two beautiful male inmates bonded and shared their love in one passionate ACT…

Chris Lim was the YELLOW man.

He was the hopeful character. The fellow male inmate that the RED man loved for eternity.

The yellow man tried his best to look at life inside that tiny cell with great optimism. Lifting-up the spirit of the fellow inmate who loved him most. And took care of his unpacked clothes and things because he’s hopeful that they’d be freed soon.

In the last night of the day to come for their release, the passion became too strong and they kissed each other so hard on the lips. The kiss lasted long and they embraced each other tightly, until they both stripped totally NAKED while standing and it led to the most powerful CLIMAX that one ‘thirsty blogger of artistic performances’  had ever seen ACTED upon onstage.

Chris Lim was so awesome in this ‘nerve-wrecking’ play.

While Kierwin was so POWERFUL. He could command everyone to stare at him- the whole audience- as he masterfully delivered his ‘unforgettable’ performance.

At first glance, Kierwin might look like ‘just another guy next door’, but to almost everyone’s surprise, he’s the most powerful theater actor (most of all to the blogger who had watched the exhibition/intimate preview of this play) you had ever seen. Truly wonderful.

The play is slated to compete at the coming Palanca Awards for Literature and will soon be staged by the Philippine Stagers Foundation.

And again for the last time, for  that same ‘thirsty’ blogger, he concluded and  could confidently assure to everyone else that this play was better than the Broadway version of “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”? Though, Atty. Vince Tanada admitted that it was somehow inspired from that said Broadway play….

And to add, a lot better than the recently-staged “Halik Ng Tarantula” of Ms. Bebe Gandanghari? For now and ever, we dare say YES.

But the play “Dilaw o Pula” was independent in touch and ‘look’, it was as if, it’s the most original one. How could Mr. Vince Tanada do this?

With his sensitivity, maybe? With his compassionate soul? Or with his utmost manliness?

We could never be sure. But we would soon bend our knees infront of VINCE…
Hold his hands and say:
“You’re simply great.”



words by robert manuguid silverio


chris: an awesome performance!
chris: an awesome performance!


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