A SPECIAL HOLY WEEK ARTICLE: vince tanada leads a group of “living warrior angels” and the importance of JESUS in his life…


As the sun rises, the sun also sets.

As the evening comes, the new morn awaits…

Thus, the essence of life is revealed.


But goodness will always prevail, no matter what.


HIS words will never FAIL.

HIS revelations will soon be revealed.


He will send his army of angels,

and brave living warriors

who will all fight for HIS glory.


The earth will be saved.


As long as there will be TWO MAN left who believed in HIS NAME.


Ordinary human beings prefer to keep silent, and prefer to be SAFE. They don’t want to be caught in the “middle of a war”. Thus, they all remain to be ‘mum’, suppressing what they want to shout or what they want to express. They want to be “corporate”, be like “robots”… and earn the privileges of material wealth.


When they experience “something divine”, they simply laugh it off. Or else, people may call them CRAZY.


They want to hide the goodness within them, not wanting to be exposed…


But a few ordinary beings would want to SHOUT their joy. Wants to become “witnesses”, and wants to do it simply because they feel they have to. To constantly remind people. People who forgets… people who shies-away.


And still, there are other ordinary human beings who do goodness in some other ways. Partly hidden, but gathering much “harvests’…


These ordinary human beings could be teachers, advocates,  authors, etcecetera…and, ARTISTS/PERFORMERS, too, like Mr. Vince Tanada.


You could see them everywhere- as you walk in the long-stretch avenues, across the streets, and in the pages of a newspaper and internet blogs…


These people are REAL. Living, humble, not wanting to be “much-noticed” in their humble tasks.


But whether they like it or not, old and young people notice them. And one them, as mentioned above, is, no less than MR. VINCE TANADA.


Vince leads a group of young group of theater people. Very artistic, energetic group of young performers. This is not an easy task for Vince. Because these people are not just artists, they are WARRIORS.


Warriors who are brave enough to fight, to give, to love…


Philippine Stagers Foundation, you see, is not just a theater group. It is also a FOUNDATION. People who join here didn’t simply want to act, but they also want to become advocates for charity and for the students and the youth, also for the poor.


And through their kind of art, they abled to express a deeper meaning of life and education. Teachers and students love their plays, especially their big musical plays- the likes of “Ako Si Ninoy”, “Cory Ng Edsa” and “Joe: The Rock’sical”.


There was something more in those plays- with the way the “Stagers” acted, with the way it was written and directed, and executed. There was a SOUL.



This Holy Week of 2013, the Philippine Stagers Foundation will observe the Lenten Season to the max. Its leader, Mr. Vince Tanada, shares to this blogger the importance of Jesus, and let’s say, GOD,  in his life:


“I have always believed that God is the source of my gifts and talents”, Vince whispered to the ears of this blogger in one intimate conversation. “That I am nothing and worthless if not for Him.


“From the moment I was born, I believe that God has chosen me to be an instrument in inspiring people. It is a rare gift that I have to take care and enrich because the gift entails a lot of responsibilities”, he added.


Great responsibilities, indeed, for Mr. Tanada. But he never did complain. He never grew tired and weary. As long as he sees his fellow ‘Stagers’ in one great unison of artistic performances, he could simply cry with joy and profound happiness.

‘Coz he trained them, he inculcated within them the right kind of discipline, and made them who they are now as performers- coming from a very raw talent, that Vince has transformed them.

And how will the Stagers observe the Holy Week, Mr. Tanada?

“The Stagers believe in the importance of Holy Week”, Vince answered. “They practice Visita Iglesia every year and they all walk bare-footed in Poblacion Makati every Good Friday as part of their yearly penitents. They are just any other Catholics who wants to practice their FAITH.”




“Yes, I do believe in angels”, Vince was quick to answer as he continued to whisper in my ears.


“There were lots of true-to-life instances when I heard a soft, angelic voice warning me”, he continued saying. “A voice whispering in the deep recesses of my soul. It happens whenever I have choices to make, or whenever I was put in some hard dilemmas of life, eventually I will choose the right kind of choice, the right one, I mean, because I heed my angel’s call…


“And one remarkable and memorable experience I had with an angel was, when I’m about to meet a freak accident but my angel helped me with the steering wheel and avoiding it in one fine hairline! Robert, a flaming car was flying over my car! But a holy force guided me so I was saved!”



Angels, divine beings…

Jesus… GOD.

And Holy Week of 2013.


Let’s pause for a while and breathe. Let’s have a short break and let God come-in. Even just for once. Even just for this Lenten Season of 2013.


Let’s feel HIS grace, HIS love and HIS sufferings just to save mankind.


And HIS army of angels will rise-






words written by robert manuguid silverio







vince with his baby son spidey.
vince with his baby son spidey.
mr. antonio tanada (vince's father) and stager cherry.
mr. antonio tanada (vince’s father) and stager cherry.
mr. jeff ambrosio and his pretty mom- mrs. ambrosio.
mr. jeff ambrosio and his pretty mom- mrs. ambrosio.

art, john, chinchinchrischris wifecindyelaine

gabby bautista, vince's nephew.
gabby bautista, vince’s nephew.

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