focus on: PATRICK LIBAO, the ‘stager’ who portrayed Dr. Jose Rizal…

patrick: PSF's great find.
patrick: PSF’s great find.
patrick: looking forward, looking up...
patrick: looking forward, looking up…
patrick: small but terrible.
patrick: small but terrible.

“It was my biggest challenge so far!”, Patrick Libao exclaimed to this writer in one ‘ambush’ interview at Henry’s Bar in Timog Avenue. “And I was so happy, nagawa ko namang i-fulfill ang expectations nila.”

That was in response to the first question we asked on Patrick. He was unassuming, candid and precise with the way he answered our questions.

“I really studied my role in every detail, researched fully my character, and went deeper”, Patrick added saying. “Portraying our national hero is no easy task. Kaunting mali sa characterization mo, people would notice easily. But that was the challenge. That challenge made me perform even better.”

The theater/season run of Joe: The Rock’sical had ended a month ago. It was Philippine Stagers Foundation’s closing play for its 11th season. And now, PSF (Phil. Stagers Foundation) is preparing for its new, 12th season. Patrick was so happy that he was a great part of PSF’s closing play. It gave him so many achievements.

Maraming hindi makapaniwala na nagampanan ko ng maganda ang papel ni Rizal“, he said. “Even me, myself, could hardly believe it. And many people appreciated my performances. Sa acting na ginawa ko. I was so happy. That, for me, is the greatest achievement.”

We learned from Patrick that in Joe: The Rock’sical, he had 3 stages of characterizations:

“The theater-actor who was portraying Dr. Rizal, the real Rizal, and the future Rizal”, he said. “I had to incorporate those 3 characters in one musical play- all in one. It was really an ‘out-of-the-box’ role for me. Pinahirapan talaga ako ni direk Vince sa pag-portray ng tatlong magkakaibang Rizal characters sa play na ‘yun. But it was all worth it!”

Patrick is one of Philippine Stagers’ most-prized actors. He is also one of the best. When you watch him act and perform onstage, you’d feel the tremendous “kind of power” coming from within him as an actor.

“Maybe I pull it out from my own, personal life”, Patrick said to this writer at the end of the ‘ambush’ interview. “I came from a broken family. I lived alone most of my life. And it was so hard, so painful. My sad experiences in life only made me become a better person. And thanks to Attorney Vince Tanada for honing me to become a better person. He is like a father, a brother, a friend, a mentor to me, all in one.”

Yes, a great new theater actor is born. His name: PATRICK LIBAO.

An added feather to the “artistic cap”!


PATRICK: the 'stager' who portrayed dr. jose rizal.
PATRICK: the ‘stager’ who portrayed dr. jose rizal.

(words by robert manuguid silverio)




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