q & a with vince tanada

vince: the "infant terrible" of philippine theater
vince: the “infant terrible” of philippine theater
vince tanada's latest play: "joe, the rocksical"- A GREAT SUCCESS.
vince tanada’s latest play: “joe, the rocksical”- A GREAT SUCCESS.
vince: sexy
vince: sexy

This blogger felt sad ‘coz for the past week now, he couldn’t see any photos taken from the recently-concluded “Miss PSF” event anywhere on the net. Not on the Facebook pages of PSF ‘stagers’, not even on the website of PSF, or even at the many FB accounts of Mr. Vince Tanada. It seemed, the photos taken on the said event were hidden from this blogger? Hhhhmmmmm… or a simple case of paranoia on this blogger’s part?

Usually, this blogger could grab photos when Mr. Tanada is being tagged with the photos, but on that eventful ‘Miss PSF’ night, no one tagged ‘the man’ on the photos taken on that event. Haha. This is the third event on PSF that this blogger so badly wanted to cover- first, the 2012 Christmas party riot held at the PSF studio, when one photographer there promised this blogger that he would tag Mr. Tanada on the photos so this blogger could grab them, but nothing came-out!… and even after months of waiting- NONE! Second, the closing show of “Joe, the Rocksical” which was held at the SM North Cinema 9 wherein Miss Maribel Lopez, together with daughter Mara Lopez, and other more celebrities and an important keynote speaker attended. Again, there were no photos.

vince tanada's recently-concluded "Miss PSF" was patterned after his brief stay at the New York Candlelight Theater Playhouse, wherein theater actors acts-out the female persona!
vince tanada’s recently-concluded “Miss PSF” was patterned after his brief stay at the New York Candlelight Theater Playhouse, wherein theater actors acts-out the female persona!

And now, this blogger felt dismayed with two PSF fotogs he abled to talk to at the “Miss PSF” event and promised him photos. Until now, he wasn’t being tagged! Haaaaiiiizzz. This blogger was one of the judges of the said event and how badly he wanted to write a great coverage of the “Miss PSF” thing, but without those photos, he really COULD NOT. Those photos were so important! Am I right, Miss Chin Ortega and Mr. JP Lopez? How come PSF fotogs were all so selfish to me??? Just asking.

THANKS TO MR. VINCE TANADA, who, again, saved the Philippine Stagers Foundation from being attacked by a sensitive blogger. Mr. Tanada granted an exclusive interview to this blogger in one drinking session at Henry’s Bar along Sct. Borromeo, Timog Avenue.

Attorney Vince was so warm and friendly in that Q & A interview. Here’s the Q & A interview with him below. Read On!

drag queens
drag queens

Sip & Sip: What can you say about the result of Miss PSF event this year, papa Vince?

Vince: I was truly dumbfounded! I was so surprised, I never expected that they will all deliver beyond my expectations! Especially one guy named Poul. He is just a silent boy but I never thought that he could perform!… The effort of all the people involved in Miss PSF, I greatly acknowledge. I feel so proud to all of them. I am truly amazed. And of course, those who EXECUTED it. I mean, the candidates themselves. I am really surprised they could deliver it… far beyond what I have envisioned.

being a stager, is not just the handsome looks, but the great depth within...
being a stager, is not just the handsome looks, but the great depth within…
actors in personification, attorney vince incorporates in his teachings at the PSF.
actors in personification, attorney vince incorporates in his teachings at the PSF.

Sip & Sip: What was really the intention of ‘Miss PSF’ event of yours, if I may ask, papa Vince?

Vince: The intention was for the PSF actors to become more versatile. I got that idea when I attended the New York Candlelight Playhouse acting workshop many years ago. We all had to wear women’s clothes and act as females, as part of our sensibilities as actors.  It’s like putting yourself into the character, feel the essence of being a woman. It’s not just a physical exercise for actors, but also, it’s the mental activity that goes with it. It’s one great challenge for all theater actors. This is the 4th year now that we’re doing ‘Miss PSF’ annually- wherein our resident actors at PSF compete in that pageant as females- and it’s part of their training, too, as well, as actors.


Sip & Sip: Indeed a great concept, papa Vince. Meanwhile, I wanna praise you personally again this time, for putting-up a great play like Joe, The Rocksical. You zest me up, papa Vince. After watching that musical play, I felt that the local theater scene now HAS TRANSCENDED. It’s no longer the Eric Morris type of acting that I see. Haha.

the great crying scene of attorney vince tanada in "joe, the riocksical" wherein mr. tanada applied the STANISLAVSKI method.
the great crying scene of attorney vince tanada in “joe, the riocksical” wherein mr. tanada applied the STANISLAVSKI method.

Vince: You remember that scene in the play Joe, The Rocksical, Robert? That scene wherein I discovered my girlfriend having an affair with my bestfriend? Doing that confrontation scene was so heavy for me. But you see, it’s really that real! We applied the Constantin Stanislavski type of acting on that great confrontation scene at the said play. When you say Stanislavski, you say METHOD acting. Stanislavski was the one who developed exercises that encouraged actors to explore character motivations, giving performances depth and an unassuming naturalism while still paying attention to the parameters of the production. This technique would come to be known as the “Stanislavski method” or “the Method.”

Kaya du’n sa scene na ‘yun, all our emotions were real! May istilo kasi yung iba na sinasabing you have to control your emotions. That, when you’re very angry or mad, you must control it and not show it because your notes could be affected, expecially in a musical play- when you sing, it will be hard for you. But I neglected that idea. I told my fellow stagers and actors on that significant scene that we must all be REAL. And the result was really good. We all appeared so natural when we’re very mad!

patrick libao as dr. jose rizal in "joe, the rocksical"
patrick libao as dr. jose rizal in “joe, the rocksical”

Sip & Sip: To date, “Joe, The Rocksical” is one of PSF’s most successful plays. For you, papa Vince, what are the most important achievements of Joe?

Vince: In Joe, I put the entertainment factor into a very educational subject matter. I am so happy I was able to achieve it. Everybody will get entertained watching it and I even put some rock music into it. I incorporated modern-day characters but they didn’t inject a false information on the life of our national hero. My recipe is simple: I want a play that people can relate with, be entertained and hear some great music. By the way, I would like to thank Mr. Pipo Zifra, he’s from ABS-CBN channel 2. He’s the one who provided great music in  our play “Joe, The Rocksical”.

Sip & Sip: How does it feel winning both the Palanca awards and the Aliw awards, papa Vince? Oh my, these two award-giving bodies are the most prestigious ones!


Vince: I truly believe that winning an award is simply an “icing on the cake”.  Well, it’s like a bonus for me. But I am truly grateful! Winning awards from both the Palanca Awards and the Aliw awards brought me great publicity, prestige and honor!

Sip & Sip: What’s next after “Joe, The Rocksical”?

Vince: Good question, Robert. We will be doing this time BONIFACIO. It will be entitled “Bonifacio: Isang Zarzuela”. You see, this year, we’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of our humblest hero next to Rizal. I am now writing a more serious take on the life of Bonifacio. It will be so dramatic and violent, with lots of gunfights- indeed, gory and bloody. I am so excited with this new play, so better watch out. A lot of issues will be discussed that will again change the notion of our HISTORY.

Sip & Sip: You ZEST me up, papa Vince. Thank you and more power!

Vince: Thank you so much, Robert.


(end of interview).

P.S. from Attorney Vince Tanada himself:

“Hi, Avid Supporters and Dear Friends. Philippine Stagers will celebrate its 12year Founding Anniversary this 20th day of March, 2013, 7pm at the Grand Ballroom of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Ermita Manila. Come join us and celebrate the 12 years of the FUN, UNSTOPPABLE AND ROCKIN’ STAGERS with its theme: FURward, PSF! Come in your Fur outfits and Dance, Dine and Celebrate with the Stagers! Ticket for the Buffet Dinner and the Musical Show at PhP 1,000 only! Please PM me if interested to come!”





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