“the others” of philippine stagers foundation…

(“The Others”, a Hollywood movie in 2001)

No, they’re not ghosts like in the movie “The Others” (which was made in 2001 and starred Nicole Kidman)….

They’re not monsters, too, that could eat your flesh and rip your muscles…

Most of all, they’re not those “smelly rats” out to eat your left-over foods at the kitchen….

“The Others”!

They’re the real… the good…and the fascinating but supporting theater actors of the Philippine Stagers Foundation!

Yes, they are “the others” of PSF!


These theater actors- “the others”- were all so impressive in their closing performance of “Joe, The Rock’sical” which was held at SM North Edsa Cinema 9 just recently.

This blogger personally picked five of them, which were “totally in character” in their performances and stole attention to the audience.

Let’s name them! “The Others” of Philippine Stagers Foundation- via the play “Joe, The Rock’sical”!



1.) CHIN ORTEGA (as AMBO in “Joe, The Rock’sical”)

Chin is one of the more senior members of PSF. He started to act in the foundation’s historical play “Mactan 1521”, then in “Desaparecidos”,  “Chi Noi”, Pinoy Samurai”, “Namaste”,  and “Troy Avenue”. He dawned the role of Nanding in the multi-awarded musical “Ako Si Ninoy”, then took the role of the antagonist Sakakibara in the critically-acclaimed “Enzo…Santo”.

In the last theater season of PSF, he played the role of Mindy in “Cory Ng Edsa”.

In his long career in the foundation. he had garnered numerous recognitions such as Best Supporting Actor in “Desaparecidos” and “Namaste”. He also won the Best Cameo Performance award by PSF in the play “Moro”, and  Best Actor in “Chi-noi” and “Pinoy Samurai”.

In his latest PSF play “Joe, The Rock’sical”, he played the character of Ambo- the hopelessly romantic but very hardworking parlor-owner.

sip & sip on Chin: “He could command an attention in his every scene in the play! He is MAGNIFYING onstage!”



2.) JP LOPEZ (as PADRE BALAGUER in “Joe, The Rock’sical”)

JP was last year’s sound spinner for the play “Cory Ng Edsa”. This time, he returned onstage as the ‘evil’ priest named Padre Balaguer responsible for the retraction controversy in the historical life of Dr. Jose Rizal. He participated in many major theater productions of PSF, namely: “Ako Si Ninoy”, “Enzo…Santo”, “San Vicente At Zarzuela”, “4C-II” , “Si Adan At Si Eba”, “Ang Papang Ni Kiko”, to name a few. He was also the assigned Stage Manager in various competing plays at the PSF Theater Festival.

JP is also a playwright and a workshop facilitator atPSF.

sip & sip on JP: “The way he laughed and positioned himself at the back of Patrick Libao (the actor who portrayed Dr. Jose Rizal in the play “Joe, The Rock’sical”) as the hero was signing the retraction papers, JP really looked sooooooo EVIL! How on earth did he do that? Gosh, he’s so amazing!”



3.) JOMAR BAUTISTA (as MR. TAUFFER in “Joe, The Rock’sical”)

Jomar believes that not all people could perform onstage. He believes that performing infront of a wide range of audience is a privelege. And looking back, Jomar got so many priveleges as a STAGER.

He was among the cast of many PSF plays, like “Desaparecidos”, “Namaste”, “Troy Avenue”, “Ako Si Ninoy”, “Enzo…Santo”, “Cory Ng Edsa”, and others. As a writer, he is a regular contender at the PSF Theater Festival. He has written a few plays with the guidance of PSF director Atty. Vince Tanada.

In “Joe, The Rock’sical” he portrayed a very old man who was Josephine Bracken’s (the last love of Rizal) “sex-maniac” stepdad? This role was very important in the play ‘coz it revealed the ‘other side’ of Rizal’s personal life.

sip & sip on JOMAR: “He is a very intense young man. Absolutely real!”



4.) JUNELYN VILLAREAL ( as DONA TEODORA in “Joe, The Rock’sical”)

Junelyn began her journey with PSF as part of the ensemble cast of “Troy Avenue”. Later on she was called back to be among the cast of “Ako Si Ninoy”. She’s also a part of the production staff of “Enzo…Santo” and “4C-II”.

At the last theater season of PSF,  she became one of the chorus girls for “Cory Ng Edsa” and “San Vicente And Jolina For The Stars”.

In “Joe, The Rock’sical” she portrayed the woman who molded the young mind of our national hero- the mother of Dr. Jose Rizal, no less- Dona Teodora.

sip & sip on Junelyn: “She could be the next Pokwang, Melai Cantiveros or even Eula Valdez of Philippine showbiz! A very good comedienne with contravida looks! That’s the way I saw her onstage. I laughed ’till I dropped in her very funny solo scene in the play, characterizing to the max the mother of our national hero! She’s a GEM!!”



5.) DARYL CAJUCOM (ensemble cast/chorus man in “Joe, The Rock’sical”)

This is Daryl’s second season with the Philippine Stagers Foundation, after graduating as among the Top 3 of their batch in the PSF Summer Workshop 2011. He became part of the chorus for the plays “San Vicente At Zarzuela”, “Ako Si Ninoy” and “Cory Ng Edsa”.

sip & sip on Daryl:  “I thought I was looking at a little younger ‘Atty. Vince Tanada’ onstage whenever he danced and sang as among the chorus men. Daryl and sir Vince have a great resemblance to each other… And gosh, Daryl’s  looks could kill! Oh, my!!!”



And there they are, folks! “The Others” of Philippine Stagers Foundation. But beware, they may steal the “attention”  away someday to the more senior and leading PSF’ers. It’s worth the wait, anyhow…. 

Need I say more, Attorney Vince?




(words by robert manuguid silverio)

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