“HULING BIYAHE”, bagong pelikula ni direk Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez

director sigfreid barros-sanchez: new moon rising.


“HULING BIYAHE”, bagong pelikula ni direk Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez

Official entry for the 2nd Sineng Pambansa

Directed and written by Sigfreid Barros – Sanchez and Racquel Zaballero – Sanchez
Director of Photography – Ver Jacinto

HULING BIYAHE is about two aging couple who work in the Filipino film industry, a linear editor (Noel Trinidad) and an ex-dubber (Tessie Tomas), who, at the twilight of their lives, decide to part ways to know what’s missing in their lives. They both explore things they haven’t explored before as they both undergo a sexual awakening in their lives. The wife finds comfort in a local school janitor (Ronnie Lazaro) whom she sees a slight parallelism to her life. On the other hand, the husband gets enamored on a shy barrio lass whose face elicit the same weakness he has for women — chinita eyes. It stars the actors from the defunt 80s gag show “Champoy” such as Noel Trinidad, Tessie Tomas, Mitch Valdes, Gary Lising, Ronnie Lazaro, Joel Torre, and Jun Urbano. It is our tribute to these fabulous comedians and also to the post production people of our yesteryears. It will also feature the extreme talents of young and seasoned actors in the industry today such as Dwight Gaston, Raul Morit, Bombi Plata, Hector Macaso, Ping Medina, Therese Carlos, Bor Ocampo, Avi Siwa, and introducing newcomer Debbie Victa (granddaughter of veteran actor Augusto Victa). The film will also feature interviews with former workers in the post production industry of the Philippines such as former editors Augusto “Augie” Salvador, Boy Vinarao, etc., and also former dubbers in the film industry. The film is part of the 2nd Sineng Pambansa scheduled to be shown on November 22, 2012 in Davao City.


from sip & sip 🙂

DIRECTOR SIGFREID BARROS-SANCHEZ had directed these films: “In Bangka Ha Ut Sin Duwa Sapah”, “Ang Mga Kidnapper Ni Ronnie Lazaro” and the controversial “Tsardyer”. 

He is one of the most promising new breed of indie film directors (soon to rise as a mainstream film director) for this blogger.


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