a book on aj perez coming soon! and it’s a book coming from the deepest feelings of a mother’s heart!

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This blogger have chatted on Facebook with Mrs. Zenaida Roy Almario recently. And we learned from her that the book on life of the late teen actor- AJ PEREZ, is smoothly going under the process. No less than AJ’s mom, Mrs. Maria Victoria Sarte Perez who is writing and authoring the book, together with Mrs. Zenaida Roy Almario- who is also the book’s publisher-who both feel so passionate about this book on the life of AJ.

“I couldn’t reveal yet any details on this book on AJ”, Mrs. Almario told this blogger. “AJ’s Mom is really focused on making the book a nice tribute to AJ. I trust it will be, some things she have shared already, are remarkable.”

This blogger is now so happy about the good development on AJ’s book. And we hope, the book will catch the attention of his former TV home studio. That, AJ deserves some good tribute like this one, really.

Other people will still care, AJ.

The likes of Mrs. Almario- the likes of your good family members and relatives, the likes of your young fans, the likes of your schoolmates at La Salle.

We will all share. We will all unite.

And it’s not just a tribute. 


Let’s all wait for this great book on AJ!

sip & sip :-)

the late aj perez with his ever-dearest mom, mrs. ma. victoria s. perez.

4 thoughts on “a book on aj perez coming soon! and it’s a book coming from the deepest feelings of a mother’s heart!”

    1. @MOLYBDENUM, ur style as a fiction writer is haunting, imaginative and deep. don’t lose that style. u are a great writer. please keep in touch with mrs. zenaida roy almario on fb. add her as a fb friend.

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