friendship is forever…

Friendship is the boon & grand gift by Allah to living species, especially to mankind. It is a Rainbow between two Hearts. We can express & share our feelings to each other. We always stand by them to protect from all the worries up to our best levels.

Its a good friend only with whom we can express our feelings open heartedly. A good friend is like a mirror where you can see your image. I mean, a good friend tells at your face what you are.

There are so many social sites here in internet where we meet so many people whom we share our feelings & thoughts. Some of them leave their impression in our Heart & Mind. I have made  a friend cum sister & a Best friend & so many good friends here.

Sometime I think we have not seen one another image, even we have a firm belief to one another. It all happens only because we believe in friendship. We just share our feelings & thoughts without having any hiding temptation behind it. This is the beauty of Friendship.

Friendship is the ocean where one can get a drop of elixir that can heal you from all the problems & let  you feel the heavenly pleasure in this mortal life.


BOTH SIDES NOW (words of feelings by robert manuguid silverio)


I saw a rainbow again yesterday…

i was in Manila, inside a speeding passenger jeepney…

maybe reminding of a promise…

and maybe saying “God Speed”…


now that I am

in both sides now

in life and death

and dreams and wakefulness…

i really don’t know

where I will triumph




but i know, my rainbow

will always be



i saw a rainbow again yesterday…

but this time

i won’t brag

i won’t exaggerate…

but I will still hope.


not in this lifetime, you see.

not when people see it in a different way.

realities prevail

when people


believe in dreams



but rainbows always appear

in the hearts

of people who believes.

no matter what.

no matter when.


and I  still say,

even as seasons change.

our love will still





words by robert manuguid silverio