Q & A with lance raymundo…

lance with his niece’s friend- mico lugay. boxing at the elorde gym.

Lance Raymundo is deep into his regular boxing trainings now at the Elorde Gym. He is really into it- not to become a regular boxing champ someday, but simply to engage into this kind of sports and improve his physical self.

“It’s one of my favorite sports and it really helps to trim my body”, Lance once said to this blogger.

Now that he has finished shooting the international Hollywood film shot here in the Philippines recently- “A Thief, A Kid & A Killer”, Lance is into a lot more other things…

He’s back into modelling (yes, Lance started it out as a ramp model under fashion designer Gerry Katigbak), too. And more indie film projects coming on his way.

So, here’s our brief Q & A with Lance!

lance posed beside a streamer of boxing legend flash elorde.

Q. ) What’s your role in the international film “A Thief, A Kid & A Killer”?

A.) I play Rommel, a secret agent who was assigned to chase and capture the ‘diamond thief’ played by Felix Roco.

Q.) How was it working with a Hollywood cast and Hollywood people?
A.) I have to get used to the Hollywood system. It was difficult at first, but I easily managed later on. For example, we would only shoot one or two scenes per shooting day. A 3-5 minute scene in the movie usually takes around 9-12 hours to shoot. They paid attention to every little details, that’s why we have to make many versions of the takes. I learned alot from this experience and I’ll implement all the new skills I’ve learned from themwhen I do my next projects here in Manila.

Q.) Can you make ‘kuwento’ to us about your shooting days , experiences, while doing film?
A.) My character is a very sleek and fashionable guy, a playboy, and very vain… so even during the most action- packed chase scenes, the director always wants my character to look fresh.. in short, my character is not allowed to sweat. Considering the heat in Manila during the Summer Season, you can just imagine how much I sweat during the takes… so the set stylists and make up artists are always on standby to keep me dry. It was very difficult but also very fun and amusing and definitely unforgettable.

Q.) How will you compare the working scenario of international company people to our local film companies?
A.) It’s basically the same… Do your job well and you get praised… do it wrong and you get corrected. So it’s always good to stay focused on your job as an actor in order to give your best performance.

lance with gf hanna and other boxing enthusiasts at the elorde gym.

Q.) how did you prepare for your role in “A Thief, A Kid & A Killer”?
A.) I grew my hair long for the film. As an actor, i don’t really do much preparations, whether in Manila or for this kind of  foreign project. I just read the script and absorb the story and that’s basically all that it takes.

Q.) Will this be the start of an international film career on your part, Lance?
A.) I hope so… This film will be shown in America, so I do hope the movie people from there will take notice of me.

at the set of lance’s international film- “the thief”.
“A souvenir shot with our wonderful PD / Set Stylist! Thanks Elizabeth Rodriguez & Zabeth 4 the great work! Hope to see U again soon! :)”-lance.

Q.) How was it modelling again on the ramp?
A.) It was a fun experience modeling again after so many years. It always brings back to me memories of how I began my journey of entering the world of the public eye. It’s a different experience modeling as a celebrity, as compared to modeling when I was a model. Back then, I feel the pressure to shine in the runway, because I was also trying to make modeling a stepping stone into entering showbiz. But now, it was purely fun, no pressures… So I think I model even better now, coz I have a greater degree of self confidence.

Q.) Will you accept again modelling projects after the SOFA fashion show?
A.) I’m hoping to endorse a brand someday and guest when they have fashion shows….

Q.) will you attend and support the Philippine fashion week?
A.) If I’m not shooting or performing on those days, maybe I’ll attend a show or two.

Q.) You’re deep into boxing now, what can you say about Manny Pacquiao’s efforts to ban gay marriage in the Phils.?
A.) That news didn’t reach me as I was immersed in my shoot for over a month, so I can’t really make a comment about it. I’ll have to read about it first.

oh, my….lance. PHOTO BY MR. DAVE FABROS.

questions by robert manuguid silverio

answers by lance raymundo