mon confiado’s CRIB…

He is by far one of the most versatile actors of Philippine Cinema. He had portrayed a wide variety of roles and characters in his films, mostly, indie films. With that we can say, he is the “Gary Oldman” of the Philippines. Because like Gary, he could change his looks, his personality, his character- depending on the kind of role he portrays…

MON CONFIADO, a true genuine artist. A passionate actor.

Now, let’s take a look at his CRIB.

In the outskirts of Marcos Hiway, Antipolo, Rizal (in which this blogger also lives), Mon’s CRIB in a plush suburban subdivision there SHINES, especially at night.

It’s a house of modern architecture and unique designs.

A product of Mon’s hardworking efforts- through his own blood, sweat and tears.

Still a bachelor, Mon is waiting for the right PRINCESS to come.

Surely, his crib will embrace it.


His Crib.

His life.

His art.

We love you.

words by robert manuguid silverio

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handsome mon.
mon’s mirror inside his room…
mon’s jacuzzi.

ruggedly handsome mon sits infront of his crib.
mon relaxes
mon having dinner with closest friends inside his crib.