from sip & sip :-)… yes, yes, yo! Channing Tatum’s next film is inspired in his own life story. An episode in his life when he was still young and struggling it out to make something out of himself in the city (he came from the suburbs). That was the time he expressed himself in DANCING, but later turned-out to be a male stripper….but the more we admired Channing for not denying this dark episode of his life. This blogger won’t post in this blog those “sexy vids” of Channing on Youtube.Com -showing him dancing so sexy and in his ‘naked glory’!But it is kinda’ cute to watch, anyway. We didn’t find them offending!…And Channing is now CHANNING TATUM, the respected Hollywood actor. One of the best Hollywood actors we have seen so far with his depthness and subtlety, but oh so manly way of ACTING (just like what he showed in his latest film- “The Vow”)…. Now, no less than Steven Soderbergh (who directed “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Erin Brokovich”, “Traffic”, to name a few), directs Channing in “Magic Mike”, due for international release in June 2012. Definitely worth to wait! OH, MY!!!!!—–sip & sip 🙂

channing in a scene from "magic mike".
another exotic dance scene in "magic mike" with channing!
channing in a sexy pose.

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A dramatic comedy set in the world of male strippers, “Magic Mike” is directed by Academy Award(R)-winning director Steven Soderbergh (“Traffic”) and stars Channing Tatum in a story inspired by his real life. The film follows Mike (Tatum) as he takes a young dancer called The Kid (Alex Pettyfer) under his wing and schools him in the fine arts of partying, picking up women, and making easy money.

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