“to most people, gma is fatanas. but as for me, being the writer of the song, i still maintain that fatanas is a general statement and not directed to anyone in particular!”- lance raymundo

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Yan ang tumitili naming katanungan kay Lance Raymundo, ang writer-composer-singer and creator of that great Fatanas song! Sa Youtube.Com kasi, kung saan naka-post doon ang video MTV ng Fatanas song ni Lance, sankaterba ang mga comments na halos pini-pinpoint talaga na si GMA (Gloria M. Arroyo) nga daw yung simbolo ng Fatanas song ni Lance! Ano nga ba ang too, Lance??? Marami n talaga ang nais makaalam!

lance redeems himself!
lance: thumbs-up.

Once and for all, Lance is setting the record straight:
“Haha, in most people’s opinion, Gloria is the Fatanas in my video”, came Lance’s quick answer to this blogger. “But as for me, I still maintain that Fatanas is a general statement and is not directed to anyone in particular.”

Meaning, wala talagang pinagtutukuyan si Lance sa kantang iyon. Wala siyang pinatatamaan o ina-accuse na tao. It is, we repeat Lance’s words, A GENERAL STATEMENT!
The song is about greed, power, gluttony in wanting everything… that’s FATANAS!
Sa ngayon, grabe ang mga invitations ni Lance to perform here and there. Tonight, December 2, Friday, Lance is one of the featured guest sa Jojo Alejar show sa channel 5. Heto ang pag-invite ni Lance:

“Watch Late Night w/ Jojo Alejar @TV5 TONIGHT Midnight! I’ll be Performing the CRAZIEST Version of #FATANAS… U can’t even Imagine!
To those accusing #Fatanas of Being Anti-GMA, Satanist Etc… This Per4mance is 4 U, Baybee!!!! Lol!”—from LANCE RAYMUNDO.

Sa Monday naman, December 5, Lance will be at Veterans Memorial Hospital to perform for charity there, for the sick people. Tiyak na maaaliw niya ang mga taong maysakit doon… INCLUDING GLORIA ARROYO NA NAKA-HOSPITAL ARREST DOON NOW??? WHAT A COINCIDENCE!! HINDI KAYA SUGURIN NI GLORIA SI LANCE HABANG KUMAKANTA???

“HAhaha!”, Lance’s reaction to our p[ang-iintriga. “Yes, how ironic, di ba?”

Bahala na. Basta si Lance, he is an ANGEL for a good cause. And not for anything bad, di ba?
More power , Lance!!!

why aj didn’t win in the last golden screen awards for tv…

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This blogger has been an ardent supporter of aj perez (the late teen actor who met a vehicular accident) since he died. We felt that the young actor needed more time to prove himself, but was cut short by a sudden accident. His fans wept. His co-stars hysterically became so emotional when he died. Aj died too soon…
But it didn’t end there. Even when he’s gone, his fans and his family continued his legacy. His eyes, upon the kindness of his mom, were donated for a good cause to two blind females… Months after his death early this year, more and more people continued to love him. He was greatly missed.
Then came his nomination in the recently-concluded Golden Screen Awards for TV. It was a great news. People, most especially his fans got so excited. Especially this blogger. But he lost.
I took this loss with a sad heart, but with great sportsmanship. Award-giving bodies, especially the likes of Oscar Awards and this Golden Screen Awards are not “emotionally-involved” award-giving bodies. They simply voted what they felt was deserving to win. I thought of that a lot. And I remembered, too, the words of one Entertainment Press (Enpress) member, the people behind Golden Screen Awards, when I met him in one showbiz event, he said this when I thanked him for AJ’s nomination in Golden Screen awards:
“Aj’s name being one of the nominees in Outstanding Breakthrough Performance by an Actor in a Single Drama show was a surprise to us”, the Enpress member said. “Bigla lang pumasok ang pangalan niya. It must have been luck. It was a tight, very stressful choices for the nominees. Aj was the last person to be included among the nominees. WE just felt, he have a low chance to win now coz his co-nominees were all so good. But we can never say.”
That’s crystal clear for me.
And I hope, it’s crystal clear, too, for all of AJ’s fans. It’s good that I knew. But still, I expected him to win coz I prayed. But the Enpress member simply said the truth. And he was right.
The more Golden Screen Awards became credible to us. It’s members are composed of snobbish entertainment press people, but even they are snobbish, they have kind hearts. They do charity works, and they are really civic-oriented people. And to add, they are credible and believable writers with great respect upon themselves.
Aj didn’t win the award, but he won the hearts of people. Especially the heart of this blogger.
Wherever he is now, he’s still smiling back to us, coz he felt, our love for him will never die. He may have lost in some, but he gained much more LOVE.

words by robert manuguid silverio

AJ: he may have lost the award, but his good legacy continues...