debonaire and rugged: victor aliwalas


Upon entering the glass door entrance of a Vietnamese restaurant-The Zao in The Fort, I already saw him looking at me. He loked so magnetic and sincere, and upon sitting beside him, he reminded us of someone. Someone famous and hollywoodish- he looked like Hollywood actor Russel Crowe.
His features were exquisite. His face was formed like a well-sculpted Greek god. With thin but luscious lips, a deep look in his curious eyes and a beard that ran accross his jaw, with little curls that you wanted to touch. Handsome, so ruggedly handsome. A hunk. A real man.

victor, a total man

Dressed in a white cap and an imported collared shirt that made him look so carefree and cool, Victor answerd some random questions from this blogger-writer about himself and his career in showbiz.
So, below is our Q & A with Victor Aliwalas:
SSSIP: How did your showbiz career start, Victor?
VICTOR: I was offered a role in Marimar, a teleserye before. I left upstate New York year 2008 and went here in Manila. I am a Filipino but that was my first time to be here, and I stayed on until now.
SSSIP: What are your sports?
VICTOR: I box, before, I also do mixed martial arts.


victor: oh, gosh. oh, my.
victor: oh, gosh. oh, my.

SSSIP: What were your last acting projects here?
VICTOR: I appeared the last time in the teleserye Beauty Queen at channel 7. I played the role there as TJ Trinidad’s best friend. But my biggest role and the one I did love the most was my action scene with Robin Padilla in “Totoy Bato”. You see, my dream roles were really action stuff. I want to do action films. I can do action stunts.
SSSIP: Can you dance, Victor?
VICTOR: Dance? Yeah, I can. I can dance. I am not much of a dancer, but I can try. It’s not my cup of tea, though.
SSSIP: How do you keep yourself so fit and so macho, Victor?
VICTOR: Nothing much. I simply try to avoid eating fatty foods. I mostly eat wheat bread and pasta. I exercise regularly. Working-out to the gym, well, sometimes, I do it straight for 3 months, then, afterwards, I won’t go to the gym for another 3 months. I am not really so conscious about it.
SSSIP: But you are so sexy, Victor. Your body is gorgeous and perfect!
VICTOR: Well, thanks for that.
SSSIP: What will be your next project, Victor?
VICTOR: On first week of June, I will have this big fashion show at Araneta Coliseum, I will be modelling there for Boardwalk. There are still other projects coming, you guys just have to watch out.
SSSIP: Thanks a lot, Victor.
VICTOR: You’re welcome.


victor: corporate
victor: corporate

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